Neon fields

What do you wear during the hottest day of the year? Nothing would still be too much. Though not to overwhelm the crowd with my naked curves, I still decided to pull something on.
At first I opted for a head to toe black outfit, but luckily my rational part saved me in time.
I ended up in this floral dress, which always gets me a lot of compliments. This is a style loved by the general public, that's why. I adore it too and it matches my new shoes perfectly! The shoes, a pair I'm in love with. After dreaming of neon shoes, I finally found the perfect pair, at Zara. Zara saves! 
I wore this outfit at the Big U event in the previous post. It still was too hot for the dress as it's quite thick, but the flowers and neon just gave it that perfect summer feel!

Wearing: Zara dress and shoes, Michael Kors watch, H&M necklace.

Heard Johnny Depp was available again, so I had to make a move!

Unfortunately or luckily, the only picture showing my loose braid was the one where I was doing the nasty with a pirate. Yes, that's what it was!