Parallel reality

Well, I'm back from my break. Yet again, it was unintentional. But I after working this weekend I was sick again, so stuck with no pictures whatsoever. Pretty much living between my bed and desk all these days.
To not totally neglect my blog, I decided to do a little post about my favorite waste of time. Yes, really a waste. Cause instead of drawing or studying for a driving license, I watch series.

Hello, my name is Sabina and I'm a series addict. I love them all, the cheesy teenage stuff, the drama's, the horror stories, the funny ones, ... If I could hunt, series took away a serious amount of my life, but still, it's better than drugs, right?!  So, here're a few of my recent favorites.

Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23

Must be a series with the longest name EVER. It centers around three main characters in NY, Chloe, June & James (as in Van Der Beek as in Dawson's Creek Beek :D ). Besides that the show has absurd humor (which is the best), great style and Krysten Ritter it made me appreciate James. Dawson's Creek was my show, growing up I watched every day after school. I never liked Dawson much, though. He was a nag and that's how I thought over James too, but apparently he's quite funny. Luckily he doesn't look like an awkward teenager anymore, but turned into a quite charismatic man. He plays himself on the show and that gives it a sense of reality. Lot's of Creek jokes included. James is not afraid to laugh with himself. I totally recommend this show!

And just look at Krysten Ritter, I'd totally marry her.

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is equally funny. The two main characters are Max and Caroline, who are broke, work in a diner and dream of an own cupcake business. 2BG must be one of a few shows were every character main or secondary is equally funny. I especially love the character of Sophie, their Polish sassy neighbor.

And Kat Dennings, I'd totally marry her too. She's got it going on in all the right places! I have the same leotard btw, it's from Agent Provocateur ^^


And last, but not least, Dexter. As I told you, me and my boyfriend are totally hooked on this show. We were pretty late and only started watching it a month or so ago. We're now watching the 4th season. For those who don't know it, Dexter is an annalist of blood spatter for Miami PD, a husband, a father and a serial killer in his free time. But not just some psycho serial killer, he only kills those who deserve it. Other killers for example. The idea is brilliant! The show is based upon a series of books, which I'm also reading. Gotta be dedicated! I wouldn't mind such a 'Dexter' in every city. And no, I don't want to marry him. It's clear, I only marry girls or my bf.

So what are your favorite series?