Achy and Awake

I tried to quit my job last week, but my boss was all, "Wait, wait! Let's talk!" So I still have a job. Which is good, financially, but I really wanted to sleep! And now I'm sick and need to go to the doctor or at least stay home, but I feel like I can't call in because I called in so much last year out of hatred and exhaustion.

I really feel like poop.

I'm going to start seeing a life coach, so that's cool. I met with her once, and it is someone I already know from church, so it should work out well.

She says that in 3 months we're going to figure out what my purpose/passion/goal is. Excellent. I'm tired of drifting and feeling like a loser.

I don't always feel like a loser, just sometimes. I want to quit my job so bad, but then I think, "Oh, but what if I have to get a job at Target and people see me." I know that is lame, but I also know that almost everyone thinks that way. The dumbest part is that when I think of "people" seeing me, it is people from high school. I DON'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE FROM HIGH SCHOOL! I haven't seen anyone that I don't want to see in the 12 years since graduation.

Right now I want to keep my job because it is decent money and I need to get my teeth fixed and new dental insurance won't cover pre-existing missing teeth.