Coughing and coughing, but sleeping

Well, I see that it's been a long while. I've been sick, but that has helped me to sleep.

I've only been up past midnight once or twice, and that was by choice, so that's cool.

Twice now on my trips to urgent care, I have had to see a cute doctor. Who needs this?

I sleep in as late as possible, call in to work, put on a headband and holey sweatshirt, and head to the doctor. I don't need Dr. Hotty Pants! I can take a little comfort in the notion that he is probably gay and, therefore, cares even less for me and my physical appearance than he would otherwise, but I blush like a stinkin' schoolgirl when he comes into the room and that just is uncalled-for.

I am a grown, married woman!

Work isn't quite so hateful. My schedule is better and I know that my goal now is just to get out of there once I find something I love (actually, I'm on a quest for my true calling, but more on that another day), but I'm not going crazy anymore.