More American Idol

Okay, are the judges on crack? Sometimes I think that they are. Katherine's third song was so rockin' and awesome, and they were blech about it. It was the same a few weeks ago when she did " Black Horse and Cherry Tree". Did her 1st song suck? Oh yeah. And her "Over the Rainbow" being the best performance of the entire competition? If you mean of any season, Simon, you are sorely mistaken. I understand that you were trying to exactly reproduce Fantasia's "Summertime", but it just didn't happen. (The link above is to the CD version, not her original AI performance, which was better and gave me the stinkin' chills.) Edited on 6/15- I think the link I have now is to the original performance, though it may be the finals of that same season.

ERGH!!! I do NOT want Taylor to win, and obviously he is the crown prince. He was not as good as they claimed tonight.

I guess that I'm more bitter than I expected that Chris is gone. Maybe I'm cranky about the lack of eye candy. *sigh*

Elliot is who I have voted for the most over the course of this season, but he has bored me a bit the past few weeks, and I think that his voice is a little shot. I'll still vote for him, though.