World Events

It feels like the world (even the earth itself) is just going crazy right now. The fires here, the Israel/Lebanon thing, everyday there is something new in Iraq. I'm really bumming.

I know, I know. It's all about me and my feelings. I've just been aware & overwhelmed by world events for the past week or two, and I feel so helpless. I see Al Gore talking about the environment, I watched Syriana and have all that in my head, I'm reading the headlines about the Middle East.

What do I do? I cry and I pray. I ask God to tell me what I can do. For some of the situations, all I can do is pray. And that isn't a little thing as some people would think- it's a lot. But as a compassionate human, I want to make a difference that I can see and know about. Perhaps that is an area where my faith can grow- knowing that praying is making a difference somehow. And listening for God's voice to show me what else to do.

Psalm 122:6