The National Sleep Foundation Young Investigator Award Won By Dr. Tracy Rupp

Dr. Tracy Rupp won the 2008 National Sleep Foundation Young Investigator Award. A total of 106 abstracts of young researchers to sleep (ie, within 5 years, the graduation), the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Each application was developed by a team of researchers established 3 sleep. Among these abstracts, the Top 16 were elected (8 "Clinical research abstracts and 8" basic research "Abstracts) and the authors will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Young Investigators Conference of the National Sleep Foundation in Washington, DC Among those investigators oral presentations to a group of experts and the audience. Based on a variety of criteria ranging from "scientific impact 'on' moderation ', the jury selected" winners "and a" runner-up from each category (basic and clinical).

Dr. Rupp's winning entry in the category of basic research was entitled "Sleep Extension facilitated and improved the performance Task Acquisition During and After 7 nights of sleep restriction Subsequent". In this work, Dr. Rupp has shown that, contrary to current thinking, the value of the enlarged restful sleep "banks" until during the subsequent sleep restriction.

As one of the two winners, Dr . Rupp, will receive a small prize and monetary policy will be treated to a week-long visit to the CDC in Atlanta.

Dr. Rupp is a National Research Council Fellow. Rupp Dr. & # 39; award clearly on the excellent skills and hard work. your work also reflects very well on her mentor, Dr. Thomas Balkin and their colleagues in the Department of Behavioral Biology, Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research ( WRAIR).

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Source: Dr. Debra Yourick

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