What Is Tai Chi And How Can It Benefit Our Health?

If You have not heard of Tai Chi, it is not only a form of movement. It is actually from the martial arts. Done in a noncombat format, it uses a series of fluid physical movements, which deals with breathing and relaxation techniques. These movements are low impact and minimal pressure on the joints, Tai Chi is also well suited for those who can be physical limitations or disabilities, or do you need to minimize its impact.

With fluid and flowing movement, Tai Chi helps users , Peace and tranquillity. It is allegedly the body connect with the universe, into the sky and earth. You can use it therapeutically, if you suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia or tension. Many studies have shown that the practice, if you regularly, you can redirect or unblock the flow of "chi", the vital energy and blood, resulting in your entire being and health.

It focuses on the interaction between body , Mind and soul. The intention is to use your mind to influence your physical well-being and to promote health. Therefore, it is very good for people who have chronic diseases like high blood pressure, fatigue, arthritis or balance and coordination problems. It can even help with cancer. His movements are not strenuous, so that they do not require that the user has flexibility or physical strength.

Tai Chi's origins are difficult to identify. Many scientists believe its roots date back roughly to about 200 BC, when yoga was considered a practice in ancient India. as practiced in ancient India.

In on the 13th Century, a Taoist monk revered Feng Chang Sang, created a series of movements. This formed the basis from which the later styles of Tai Chi can be developed. Later it developed into many different styles of practice. The Chen-style practice and the Yang-style are two of the most popular styles. Both are often practised Tai Chi Master today.

Most prefer to practice in the early morning, because the air is fresh and abundant. In China, it is a common event for people to gather in the park to practice, it is very early in the morning. According to the Chinese, the slow movements and breathing exercises, which leads to the flow of Chi in a balanced and smooth manner. The Chi circulates and helps unblock the meridians, which helps to reduce tension or pain and improve the physical orientation, while he builds strength, stability and endurance.

Because this, many people practice Tai Chi to relieve stress and body aches. In addition, some studies show that they help people achieve a graere balance and flexibility and improve cardiovascular function and Blutgefa in these two are healthy, and those who have heart or circulatory diseases. Together with modern therapeutic principles, it can be used to create exercise plans specific to each individual to health problems or disabilities can have.

The most common form of practice is now the Yang-style. It contains the following forms:

The long form:

The long form has 108 movements, which are divided into three phases. These movements are the basic principles of Tai Chi. These include proper breathing rhythms, the inner peace, strength, flexibility, posture and alignment, concentration and balance, others.

The short form:

The short form is a simpler version of the long form and contains only 24 of the original 108 movements. It is physically less demanding than the long form, so that more people can use it, not only advanced practitioners. It is particularly beneficial for older people and beginners. When this is done correctly, the short form is so much benefit to the health as the long form. It is the short form is very popular and practiced worldwide.

The sword:

The sword form consists of 32 movements divided into four phases. These movements concentrate more on the positions of the hand when you are in possession of an imaginary "sword" as if it is part of your fingers.

The push hands ":

This form should be used by both partners. It also includes the movements of Tai Chi in both the offensive and defensive aspect of the martial arts. He teaches students not to resist force with force, but instead to use the body to yield to force, and then redirect. This is an attractive form for younger adults.

In short, Tai Chi is a form of martial art uses the slow and gentle movements. If you practice regularly, you can enhance your physical and mental health, improvement of chronic diseases, prevention of diseases, let stress, increase your energy and improve the quality of sleep. To fully benefit, you have to practice it regularly. Regardless of your level of physical fitness, age or health status, it is likely that there is a Tai Chi-style, you.

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