A Great And Unusual Cure For Insomnia

Are you one of the 23% of people who has trouble getting to sleep at night?

Do you toss and turn for hours each night trying to grab just a few blissful hours in dreamland before the alarm clock wakes you from your slumber?

If the answer is "yes", then I"ve got a wonderful solution for you that has worked wonders for me for many years, and I know it"s been highly effective for thousands of other people too.

And here"s the really great news. It"s not pharmaceutical, it"s not illegal, and it"s not addictive. Sounds too good to be true doesn"t it?

What is this magical cure for insomnia?

It"s the wonderful world of old time radio. Let me explain and you"ll understand just why it is so incredibly effective.

The reason most people who suffer from insomnia struggle to get to sleep is that their mind is not in a restful state. It might be replaying what has happened that day. It could be worrying about events, past and present. It might be fretting over something coming up. It could be worrying about a loved one or a relationship that has gone bad. There are a million and one reasons and these will very from person to person.

That"s where old time radio comes in with a wonderful solution.

Old time radio shows from the 1930s, 40s and 50s help to quickly take your mind off whatever is occupying it. Remember when you were a child and your parents read to you to help you to get to sleep - it"s exactly the same, but for adults.

Now, you might scoff at this, but don"t. Try it out for yourself and it"s highly likely that it will work like a dream - literally. Before you know it you"ll be enjoying a good night"s sleep.

There are several reasons why old time radio shows are far better than listening to music, today"s talk radio, or a typical audio book.

Firstly, they have an innocence that is like chicken soup for the sleepless.

Secondly, the story lines are usually relatively simple and easy to follow so they don"t challenge a mind that is already raising with thought.

Thirdly, they act like a form of meditation. It"s impossible to focus on two things at the same time, so if you are listening to the story you can"t be thinking about whatever it was that was keeping you awake.

Fourthly, a typical old time radio show is just thirty minutes long. If you nod off half way through (which is the objective) it"s easy enough to pick up where you left off.

Lastly, old time radio offers something for everyone. It doesn"t matter whether you enjoy a thriller, a romance, a drama, a comedy or a quiz show. There is just so much to choose from.

So, if you"ve tried everything and are still finding yourself tossing and turning all night give it a try. Get hold of some old time radio shows today and put them to the test tonight. What have you got to lose.

Oh, and there"s one more major benefit. If they don"t cure your insomnia at least you"ll be entertain all night.

Autor: Ned N. Norris

Ned Norris is the webmaster of RUSC Old Time Radio (rusc.com) one of the most popular old-time radio sites on the Internet. It's a place where you can journey back in time to the golden days of old-time radio whenever the fancy takes you. You can download or listen online to thousands of classic shows, and read editorial features on the stars of time.

Added: August 2, 2008
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