The Long-Term Consequences of TBI

Imagine: Your loved one has survived a terrible auto accident. After the car with the jaws of life, it is life-flighted to the nearest hospital trauma. Their physical wounds are treated professionally, but she remains unconscious more than a week. Finally, she opens her eyes. The worst, certainly, is over, is not it? Maybe. But a recovery of TBI (traumatic brain injury) can take up to five years after the initial trauma. And the consequences of such an injury can take lifetime.

What are some of the long-term issues TBI patients might? It depends on the severity of the injury and what parts of the brain were damaged, but these are just some of the problems TBI victims might face:

Cognitive impairment (based on thinking, thinking, remembering, etc.)

Short memory problems but also gaps in the past memories

Language struggles, including difficulties in finding the right word, as well as problems with reading and writing

Attention deficits, problem-solving impairment, and slowed thought processes

Struggles in the evaluation or appraisal of their own situation

Difficulties in decision-making and planning

Behavioral changes

Depression and reduce anxiety

A inhibitions

Anger normal, irritability, and lashing out


Self-centeredness and difficulties in connection socially

Neurological difficulties (in terms of the nervous system and the brain)

Loss of sensory functions (such as hearing, smell, taste, touch and vision)

Exhaustion and /or variety of physical insomnia

A Complications, including epilepsy and seizures

Walking, balance and coordination problems

Sexual dysfunction

Other issues

Possible inability to driving

Problems to find and /or maintaining a job

Lingering physical limitations

Difficulty on the resumption of former relational roles (such as spouse, parent or friend)

Financial due to ongoing health problems issues

Recovering after a TBI is not an easy task. It may even years various therapies, and even after this, TBI victims might face considerable difficulties for the rest of their lives. The assistance and support from loved ones is an essential prerequisite for a person with such a fight problems.


Lisa Clark is a freelance writer. She is the author of various factual articles as well as short stories. She is currently working on a novel about a TBI survivor.

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