Making Reflexology Part of Your Health Strategy this Year - Top Ten Reasons to see a Reflexologist

Dr William Fitzgerald is credited to the father of modern reflexology. Canadian reflexology practice based on his observations of Native Indians where he found the use of these techniques in healing. Reflexology is more than just a foot massage. While clearly there are benefits Fae, it is a printing technology, and in comparison to all parts, glands and organs of the entire body. It increases the blood circulation, relaxes with the elimination of stress and helps the body to normalize metabolism naturally.

1 They are really stressed :

Or even just a little stressed. If you are in this rate will probably affect your immune system and are sick. Nausea and stressed, is a terrible combination. The fact that you take the time to worry is a step in the right direction for your good health, welfare and longevity.

2 You stand on the Fae all day :

Your whole body is tired, not only the Fae. Believe me, I know I was once a rickshaw runners and a cocktail waitress. Relax and let someone else do the work. Through the manipulation of the Faen can solve your aching back and shoulders too.

3 you are a runner :

Although the exercise is good for you, the beating on the pavement can be hard on the Body. Remember to stretch, wear the right shoes and enter rest periods. Your Fae reflexology can be achy and can their own workout.

4 you have diabetes :

It is an unfortunate illness. Because Fae begin to lose sensation, it is important to look for them. Regelmaige reflexology can be very helpful in increasing comfort. It complements all other healing modalities.

5. You are detoxing .

The advantages are manifold. Whether it is a change of diet or the removal of toxins from your body and the environment, reflexology is a gentle way of balancing the system during this period. It should be the transition from unhealthy to healthy smoother.

6 much you are pregnant

Reflexology can be managed, while lying on the floor propped back with a pillow or a chair. It can work in the institutions that are currently squished makes space for the growing uterus. Comfort is the key during this time will always be regarded as exemption from the Fae swollen and achy back.

7. gastro-intestinal problems are slowing down

I have seen remarkable results with slow intestinal move that even after a meeting! Good removal is often referred to as the backbone of health. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after a meeting may also be a slow digestive system

8. It often cold Fae

That sounds like a circulatory problem. Reflexology massage can offer your body a "kick-start and helps the blood flow and warm up your Faen!

9. you have insomnia

Reflexology is relaxing and people often fall asleep. Let your active mind a break and Balance your lifestyle. It is very good at the end of a long day. Reflexology allows your opinion on a break, so that you can heal and not worry about what comes next.

10. Nothing else has worked since :

Sometimes, you may need your body to reach a state of homeostasis and relaxation to heal. Reflexology has been helpful if nothing else has proved effective. It can affect the organs and other parts of the body, are not easy to reach with massage or other treatments.


Shani Scherenzel is a Certified Foot Reflexologist working in Toronto. She can be reached through her website

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