Pediatric Sleep Disorders

sleep disorders such as insomnia affects children and infants as well as adults. They are also victims of the same irritableness and sleepy feelings that adults suffer. However, in the case of child sleep disturbances, there is a better chance to diagnose the causes. This is important because otherwise the children will find it difficult to get in their studies, playing with friends or pursue their hobbies.

The possible causes for the children sleep disorders include stress, constipation, pain for various reasons, nightmares, bed-wetting episodes, anxiety, peer pressure, fear of darkness, and others.

stressful for the children because of excessive homework, bullying at school, or scoldings of teachers. Marital discord at home to fear and fear leads to insomnia. It is better for the children? S behavior in the school with the authorities and find out if a painful episodes occur.

A stomach upset or excessive junk food leads to constipation, what causes pain in the night, the important eight hours of sleep that each child needs. Taking analgesics relieved the problem and proper sleep. Similarly, muscle cramps in the calf or shoulder May hinder sleep.

sleep apnea and restless legs are common causes of sleep disorders. The grinding of the teeth, clinically known as bruxism, is a commonly known cause of insomnia. This is mainly due to hidden stress and anxiety that is in a different way.

Most children are afraid of the dark. Off the light before bedtime is a debate in most homes. Some children prefer a night light on, because they feel more secure. Apart from the dark, children get nightmares that may cause them to wake up, screaming, or excessive sweating. Preventing just horror movies or other shows fear, reduce the occurrences. Sleepwalking, talking in his sleep, sleep, and with eyes open are all forms of sleep disorders. All of these pass with age.

Treatments include behavioral, and prescriptive drugs such as antihistamines and alpha-agonists. But doctors are skeptical about the negative effects of drugs, because no drug has been labeled as safe for children with sleep disorders.


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