Why You'll Never Hear About Herbal Remedies For Insomnia From Your Doctor

With due respect to doctors, they don't know much about herbal remedies for insomnia because they haven't been trained in them. Doctors are pursued daily by representatives from the big drug companies who provide them with incentives such as free samples. It's not in a doctor's best interests to suggest natural remedies

It's not only doctors either, a lot of people believe herbs for insomnia to be a watered down solution compared to chemical sleep medication. This is because the benefits of insomnia herbs are not widely advertised, unlike the latest drug release. Why? Because there's just no money in it.

This is rather unfortunate because there are many who could benefit with more and better information about herbal remedies for insomnia, but they're not being informed. For instance when I ask people with sleep disorders if they would consider trying herbs for insomnia they'll say thing like:

"I'd better wait 'till I'm on vacation before trying them." "Er, can you buy them at the drug store?" "That's for elderly people, isn't it? Like aunts and that?" "Don't you have to take them for ages before they work?" "Aren't those herbs toxic?"

The truth is if you are having trouble sleeping, herbal remedies for insomnia are as effective as chemical sleeping pills. If fact they are so much better because you won't become "hooked" on them. Most herbs for insomnia are safe to take over the longer term without you having to worry about becoming addicted. The possible exception here is valerian which can have withdrawal effects.

Here are some safer herbs for insomnia you may not have come across before. However they have been proven to be very effective.

Nux Vomica - this is a wonderful herb for those type A personalities who tend to wake up in the middle of the night, planning all those things they have to do! Nux Vomica can really help such people to take a deep breath and relax.

Scutellaria laterifolia - A herbal nerve tonic for a fatigued nervous system, Scutellaria laterifolia is also a gentle sedative. It has beneficial effect on stress, nervous exhaustion, sleeplessness and anxiety.

Passiflora incarnata - If you have a tendency to worry, Passiflora incarnata, commonly known as Passionflower, is recommended as a soothing antidote to insomnia.

Coffea - is a homeopathic medication and targets sleeplessness due to an over-active mind. If you're agitated or physically restless, Coffea is the answer.

Herbal remedies for insomnia are safe, non addictive and can have an almost immediate effect when blended together in their recommended amounts.

However remember herbs are potent substances so either seek the advice of a professional herbalist or naturopath, or obtain your herbs already blended from a reliable source.

Autor: Wendy Owen

To discover more about obtaining and using herbal remedies for insomnia, visit Natural Sleep Medications Wendy Owen (Dip. Holistic Health Therapy) is a sleep researcher and writer with a passion for herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Added: June 3, 2009
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