Mudras- Yoga of the Hands: Benefits of Shankh Mudra

The Universe comprises of five elements namely fire, air, space, earth and water. In Hinduism and Buddhism, hand gestures or ‘mudras’ have been used to regulate the five elements within the human body. The five fingers represent the five elements with the thumb symbolic of fire, index finger symbolic of air, middle finger symbolic of space, ring finger symbolic of the earth and little finger symbolic of water. Vedic Science and modern science reveals that it is the coordination between these five elements of the universe, within our bodies, which are responsible for effective functioning of the various organs of the body. These mudra positions help activate the dormant energy within the body and keep us healthy and fit.

Understanding Mudras- Yoga of the Hands

Mudras are easy hand gestures.  Positioning of the fingers for prescribed periods of time every day, can invigorate the entire body, refresh you, heal diseases, assist in maintaining a healthy and fit body, suffuse you with a feeling of serenity and peace, and lead you on the course of self actualization.

Our fingers have enormous power, and the right positioning of the fingers, has the potential to influence the body’s vital force, and to direct it to the different parts of the body, to bring about balance and harmony.

The Shankh Mudra: The Benefits of Mudras 
Shankh Mudra

  • The Shankh Mudra is an excellent Yoga practice for the entire respiratory tract. It tones up the throat, the airways, and the lungs. Mudra along with Yoga is beneficial to treat chronic conditions like Asthma
  • At the subtle level, this mudra is calming and soothing. Like the pleasant and restful sound made when air is blown in through the conch, when the Shankh Mudra is placed at the chest and Om (AUM) is chanted, you feel imbued with a sense of complete tranquility and peace. Your entire being is permeated with a feeling of stillness, quiet, and harmony.It is a great de-stressing technique.
  • The Shankh Mudra is emotionally highly balancing.
  • Visualizing a pristine beach with clear blue waters, whilst practicing the Mudra, will yield better benefits. 
  • Also, according to the Hindu religion, the conch is blown at all rituals and ceremonies. The significance being, that, when the conch is blown, the air gets purified. Likewise, practicing this Mudra purifies your entire being.
The Mudra Technique: Practicing Shankh Mudra

  1. Encircle the left thumb with the 4 fingers of the right hand.
  2. Let the thumb of the right hand touch the middle finger of the left hand.
  3. This gesture simulates the conch shell, the ‘shankh’.
  4. Hold the mudra in front of your sternum / the breast bone, and chant Om (AUM).
  5. Practicing the Shankh Mudra for 45 minutes, or 15 minutes, three times everyday is strongly recommended.