Treating Pre Menstrual Syndrome Naturally: Benefits of Homeopathy for PMS

Homeopathy, as a system of medicine has evolved from the concept of Law of Nature, which unlike the modern system of medicine dont change over decades. Homeopathy is based on the law of Simila Similbus Curentum, which means that same ( or similar) cures similar. Homeopathic drugs undergo a series of provings on healthy human subjects, which is aimed at treating ailments in diseased or unhealthy individuals. Homeopathy is also a medical science which is associated with minimal side effects and has been largely used for the management of chronic ailments which modern medicine fails to manage. However, its effectiveness in the management of acute ailments including premenstural syndrome disorder is significant. This article is about homeopathic drugs that have been effective in the management of premenstural syndrome disorder.

PMS is very distressing
and painful
Understanding Homeopathy: Benefits of Homeopathy for Treatment of Premenstural Syndrome

Homoeopathy is an extremely efficient, comprehensive, and composite system of treatment. The system aims at attaining complete, and lasting cure, naturally. Homoeopathic remedies bring to balance, the deranged vital principle of the patient, and thus, causes cure. Countless homoeopathic remedies have shown excellent results in the management of PMS.

Homoeopathic medicines are obtained from nature – leaves, flowers, fruits, animal extracts and products, and minerals, and are totally devoid of any harsh side effects. Homoeopathy, together with dietary corrections, aromatherapy, and Yoga will bring about significant improvement in women suffering from PMS.

Homoeopathic drugs achieve a balancing effect on the hormones, the drugs treat abdominal bloating and discomfort, body aches, and headaches efficiently. Homoeopathy also exerts a balancing and calming effect on the mind, allaying irritability, nervousness and depression along with bad temper.

Homeopathic Drugs for Management of PMS: Treating Pre Menstural Syndrome Naturally
Here are 2 drugs that have proved to be exceedingly efficacious in the treatment of pre-menstrual syndrome.

    Homeopathy can help
    in management of
    Menstrual disorders
  • Cimicifuga: Cimicifuga is an excellent and effective remedy to manage pre-menstrual syndrome. The medicine reduces muscular spasms, pains, and cramps effortlessly. Backache, pain in the thighs, pain in the abdomen / ovarian region, are managed well. The drug is also found effective in the management of breast tenderness and fullness. Cimicifuga has a marked therapeutic effect on the mind. It ameliorates depression, gloom and sadness that come on before and during the period. Overall, this remedy is considered beneficial in ameliorating the symptoms of PMS.
  • Sepia: Sepia is another homeopathic drugs with potential benefits on the female reproductive system. The remedy is know to treat throbbing and shock like pains in the head during menstural periods and helps in reducing the intensity and severity of these headaches. The drug is also potential beneficial in the treatment of pimples, boils and acne which may arise due to hormonal imbalance during menstrual periods. Sepia is also an important remedy for management of heaviness and fullness in the abdomen, espeically associated with abdominal/ premenstrual cramps during PMS.
Precuations while Using Homeopathy:  Homeopathy for Health
In general homeopathic drugs are considered to be safe and free of any major side effects. It is imperative, that you bear in mind, that all medical conditions are handled well and successfully by a multi-disciplinary approach. Homeopathy, coupled with dietary regulations for management of menstrual problems is associated with a high percentage of success.
It should always be borne in mind that homoeopathy treatment, similar to any other treatment requires the physician to take a detailed history of the manifestations, before prescribing the most suited remedy. Consulting a trained and qualifed homeopathic pratitioner is a must prior to taking homeopathic medications.