Alice In Wonderland

I postponed going to the movies to see Alice such a long time, because I heard that many friends were disappointed by it. I can't say I was too, but I felt that something was definitely missing.
Maybe it was too much Disney and the movie lost on the Burton spirit?
I did expect it to be more outrageous, that's for sure.
It's still pretty good, though...

What are your thoughts on the movie?

Recently I found this Alice inspired shoot from Italian Vogue from 2008.
I especially liked it because it features Amanda Seyfried as Alice.
Isn't she just born to be her?
I'm a big fan of her, this girl has this amazing charm, beauty and intelligence.
She's also a pretty good singer
I wish it was her who played Alice in the Burton movie.

 (452x698, 560Kb)

 (665x440, 135Kb)

 (666x440, 134Kb)

 (700x442, 36Kb)

 (700x442, 64Kb)

 (699x458, 38Kb)

 (665x440, 87Kb)

 (664x440, 135Kb)

On other hand, life has just proved, yet again, that's not a fairy tale.

This morning I missed out on the biggest sale ever. The 1 year anniversary of The Outnet.

Everything was going for 1£. Crazy!!
Off course I wasn't lucky. The server was stuck all the time and by the time I got in, there wasn't much left. And even then you couldn't load the item into your basket.
When I saw that they also sold the two Rick Owens leather jackets, I was dreaming about for so long, I nearly started crying of disappointment.
Silly right?
But the girls who also can't afford expensive stuff will understand.
For ones there I hoped to win something, I never win something :(
They sold more than 800 pieces...

I hope you all have a nice weekend!