A Cure for Sleep Paralysis


I suffered from sleep paralysis my life. A few months ago reached a point where it would happen several times a night, four or five nights a week. Someone on this site should go to my doctor for a possible answer to this problem. Before my doctor will not prescribe drugs, gave me an EEG test were normal. The following week, he prescribed a medicine called "Tofranil" take 3 25mg at bedtime. I found took 3 to start is a way! Too much and you will be asked in a trance for several days. So I would like to take 1 or 2, 25 mg tablets at bedtime. The first night I took the medication immediately aware that sleep paralysis has not happened.

I found the drug gives me a better sleep without the side affects in the morning. I took the medication and
two months. Over the weekend I had the feeling that maybe the problem was over medicating. So Saturday night after going out with friends I have come to pass before I could take medication. I had no problem at all sleeping. Sunday night I also decided not to take medicine. Unfortunately, at midnight, I woke up breathless after a very hard mode, sleep paralysis! This is the first time I went to this drug is to happen. Of course, after the accident, I took a 25mg Tofranil and had difficulty sleeping later in the evening. I am sad that I can not stop the drug from these episodes, but it sets out ways in horror sleep paralysis.

A month ago I came home for lunch to find my roommate had committed suicide.;was a moment of great anguish in my lifetime. I think because I Tofranil about a month, at least it gives me this horrible act. Taken with the drug are able to sleep without the constant thought of that terrible day. I think that sleep is a key factor in your well-being and health. Tofranil (general) 25mg is a relatively inexpensive drug. I would ask your doctor.