Aromatherapy Recipes

A Striking Approach for Insomnia Cure 

Aromatherapy ImageAromatherapy is a relatively new way to combat the verity of sleep problems, and help to ensure that you will fall asleep peacefully, and chemical free. People may not consider aromatherapy as a primary approach to relieving insomnia symptoms, mostly because of its simplicity. Often there are situations where the sleeping disorder is quite serious and will need a medical attention, but everyday problems interfering in your sleep cycle are not hard to overcome with aromatherapy oils.

Aromatherapy products is believed to have therapeutic properties that can heal many illnesses including insomnia. Recent studies have shown that natural, pure essential oils stimulate multiple areas in the brain, including spots controlling endocrine, immune, and limbic (emotional) functions. Essential oils have a direct and strong effect on the deepest levels of the body, emotions, and psyche, through inhalation, pure essential oils have a profound and immediate influence.

Using aromatherapy products for relaxation and insomnia can be a very effective and natural way to help the mind and body to relax. Some of the best herbs recommended for this purpose are Chamomile, Valerian, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Rosemary and Marjoram.

If you are looking for a natural remedy you should try essential oils and aromatherapy. This option is easy to use and requires very little effort. There are a number of different natural essential oil blends that can be used to ease the restless nights and a variety of applications.

Aromatherapy PhotoInsomnia and Anxiety
Chamomile Roman 10 drops
Sandalwood 15 drops
Lemon 5 drops

Insomnia and Busy Mind
Cistus 5 drops
Lavender 15 drops

Insomnia and Restlessness
Vetiver 10 drops
Clary Sage 10 drops
Lemon 10 drops

Insomnia and Exhaustion
Valerian 5 drops
Lemon 10 drops
Mandarin 10 drops

Insomnia and Nightmares
Lavender 15 drops
Chamomile 5 drops
Mandarin 10 drops

Insomnia and Fitful Sleep
Marjoram 5 drops
Lavender 15 drops
Lemon 10 drops

Insomnia and Noise
Lavender 10 drops
Lemon 15 drops
Vetiver 5 drops

Here are some simple insomnia cures you can try:
1. Aromatherapy massage or body oil. Combine 50 drops or 1/2 teaspoon of the essential oil of your choice together with 4 ounces of carrier oil. Massage it into your solar plexus (just between your ribs) in an anti-clockwise direction. This is very calming.

2. Aromatherapy compress. This is considered as one of the easiest aromatherapy application. All you need to do is to add about 5 drops of essential oil blend to a cold or hot cup of water, dip a soft cloth in the mixture and apply to the forehead or back of the neck.

3. Aromatherapy bath. Add 8 to 10 drops of the essential oil of choice to the warm bath water. Add the oil only after you have finished running the water and make sure you mix it well so that it was not sitting on top of the water in a oily puddle.

4. Aromatherapy foot or hand bath. Add 10 drops of chosen essential oil to cold or hot water in a medium-sized basin. Stir the essential oil evenly to blend well with the water.

5. Aromatherapy pillow case. Put several drops of the essential oil blend on a tissue and place it inside your pillow case. Do not forget to replace the tissue nightly.

6. Aromatherapy diffuser. Use several drops of chosen essential oil blend in the diffuser; this should be done in the evening while you are getting ready to sleep. Never leave your diffuser on throughout the night; it must always be attended as it is a heat source.

As a holistic therapy, aromatherapy is believed to benefit both the mind and the body. As far back as the time of the Egyptians, fragrant oils were used for bathing and massages. Once you treat yourself with aromatherapy, you may start sleeping like a baby without any external aid.