Can hypnotherapy Cures Insomnia ??
Although one should not assume that using hypnosis as a cure for insomnia, it is one of the best ways for treating chronic insomnia. By staying through a series of exercises in hypnotherapy, you can lean natural ways to cure insomnia and be able to enjoy a good night sleep. This does not mean you have to go to a hypnotist in any way,  so you can teach your subconscious that your conscious mind has forgotten. We learn things that we knew as babies, which would allow us to sleep, whatever the circumstances.

Hypnotherapy lessons teach us many things we already know a lot about sleep habits and different things that have a negative effect on it as a diet too soon before bedtime, alcohol, cigarettes and snuff. Although many of us know about melatonin as a sleep aid, we can not understand why something that is produced naturally in the retina of the eyes in the dark. So if you're a shift worker who must sleep during the day, it is important to find a way to darken the room or use "blinders" on their eyes to stop light. It is also important to have the more continuous sleep cycles, with an average of 90 minutes to get the good night's sleep. 

During the hypnotherapy to improve sleep habits, we learn many of the things that we should already know, but our bodies have forgotten, or we are failing to practice. Some of those things include sleeping and waking up at about the same time each day, taking a hot bath about a hour and a half before bed, avoiding certain foods too close to bedtime, and even allowing your body to claim down before attempting to sleep. It's also important to avoid sleeping pills, especially on a regular basis, because your body will lose its natural ability to induce sleep. Sleep hypnotherapy teaches you the things that you need to do in order to return to a good nights' sleep without the use of sleeping pills. For some people having a nap of no more than one and a half hours in the afternoon helps induce a good nights' sleep, but for others it causes insomnia, so you have to follow your own body and know what works for your.