Cures Insomnia With Fruit

Actually taking a sleeping pill at random without medical supervision is wrong and dangerous. Sleeping pills to sleep through the accelerating effect of confining the central nervous system stimulation. The effect was more rapid and tangible results, this is the reason for people who feel like taking them. Though the impact of taking sleeping pills in the long term, serious enough that it may cause negative reactions such as: dependence, addiction and toxicity.
Could not sleep a manifestation of disharmony and stimulation of brain cells. Treatment of insomnia disease is primarily know for his illness. The analysis used individually what the cause, correct the living habits that are not good, avoid the mind before bed, shower with warm water, listening to soft music, doing simple Qigong therapy and relaxation alone, maybe in that way you can sleep soundly without having to depend on sleeping pills.
Take advantage of all possibilities to guide physiological sleep, let alone issued a substance our bodies to sleep ie endorphin. If no new effective contact your doctor, and consumption of sleeping pills under his direction.
There are also other, more healthy way of eating the fruit. Italian researchers have conducted a study on eight types of grape juice, which is found in it may contain the hormone melatonin sleep aide. Is the substance that removed the pineal body of the brain, can help the adjustment cycle can treat insomnia and sleep. Night when melatonin levels rise it is a signal to sleep, otherwise if the decline in the morning means a signal to wake up.
Melatonin levels differ in different types of wine. In the (wine) wine contains antioxidants and alcohol, the amount of melatonin levels in them may be higher, more help sleep.
In addition to grapes, banana, jujube (a type of fruit name) and some other types of fruit also has a soothing effect and accelerate the nerve to sleep. Because vitamin B6 and magnesium on a banana that makes us far from feeling melancholy and tense fight, or an amino acid that is absolutely needed by the body? Source of ammonia acid, if some of these substances interact, will be a key ingredient in making our body serum, has the effect of sleep and soothing. Jujube contains proteins, sugars, vitamin C, calcium, iron, etc., which have the effect memperbaiki spleen and calm nerves, with jujube juice consumed after dinner can accelerate time to sleep.
Disturbed sleep or insomnia, for sufferers must be very painful, especially if the next day must be working or doing other activities. Quite often if many insomnia sufferers who deal with the problem with shortcuts sleeping pill that is now widely available at drug stores or pharmacies ..