Insomnia therapy .. part7 ( Sleeping Triks)

Lack of sleep makes the body less energy lemasdan. So you can sleep soundly at night, do the following tips: 1. Generally there are three basic environment to sleep soundly. • Ensure your room is made dark as possible. This could mean your eyes are closed, or closed the curtains. • The room should be quiet. • room temperature made the temperature cool and fresh with 27c or below 

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2. Poor sleep is often a part of the worry, anxiety, obsession, guilt, anger is not remedied. Make sure that your middle or heal the wound care issues that make you thrown or dropped into your..3. Sleeping rough are often the result of the low level of serotonin. Serotonin can be added through consuming foods that trigger the formation of serotonin. Turkeys, dairy products, and bananas are examples of food materials. Secondly, there are supplements like 5HTP who can help. Another experience of a lack of serotonin associated with genetic aberrations, which needed the treatment. Do not eat protein at night because it can cause you to stay awake. Eat a light carbohydrate-containing foods in one or two hours before bedtime, such as biscuits or muffins, to get tryptophan which flowed into the brain through the foods you eat throughout the day. 4. After dinner, take activities such as walking or doing some sports, but remember to finish all of this at least 3 hours before your bedtime. We recommend that you exercise too close to bedtime can be a stimulant poor sleep. Sports more quickly can help you become relaxed. 5. before you are ready to rest, drink half a cup of herbal tea containing herbs or herbal kamomile. 6. Change what you consume. Do not drink / eat anything that contains caffeine before nightfall. Chocolate, tea, coffee, cola drinks and other beverages that contain caffeine, you should not consume in the evening. Any content that you check to make sure there is no consumption of caffeine, a stimulant containing ephedra or other sleep difficult. 7. Enough sunlight is needed throughout the day to regulate sleep cycles. If you have deviations in terms of recognizing the day (the term sleeping bats or bat), you may need a light box to add the light throughout the day. 8. Do not go to bed to watch television. If you you can not sleep, go into another room and try to read to you drowsy. Do not get up and watch television because of the color of light will continue to stimulate the brain works. 9. if you wake up in the middle of the night, do not turn on the lights, or find out what time it was. To these two things can stimulate the brain to work and out of sleep state. Lie in bed and wait until you fall back asleep. If you do not go back to sleep, get up, and other spatial membacalah go under the rather dim light until you are sleepy again. Try to build a routine that works and stay in it. Go to bed at the same hour every night and wake up at the same also.