how to monitoring Sleepwalking ??

People who Sleepwalk often unaware that they are doing. A person makes, is a semi-conscious and not responding when someone speaks. Sleepwalking can be a dangerous phenomenon, in reality, because the person making it very likely to hurt themselves without knowing it, or have a bad fall. The person who suffers from sleepwalking should be taken preventive measures to ensure their safety during sleep. It 's really a very embarrassing situation for many who had been sleepwalking, and not even know or remember. Control of sleepwalking and certainly when the transaction, please about preventive measures to ensure your safety at night. Be sure to lock all windows and doors, preferably in the room to sleep in the bedroom Keeping paths clear, so as not to stumble and fall on anything. Remove all the edges of the room and a lamp always read, that is during the night.

If you do not have any trouble sleeping, try putting the alarm for midnight and wake up again, before slipping into a deep sleep. Sleep disorders, once every two or three hours to help cure sleepwalking. Is the baby monitor, install and maintain a sleep. Baby monitors are useful because they send an alarm when you move. If you want to monitor and control your episodes of somnambulism, you might consider installing the camera room.