Anger While Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking is a type of disorder that occurs in non rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle stage. People who have this disorder tend to go to sleep. People are semi-conscious when they are sleepwalking. If someone tries to talk to the person who is sleepwalking, nobody can understand or react. Sometimes people talk to themselves while sleepwalking. In fact, people who are not accustomed to this may be scared when they see a sleeping person. Sleep is a common phenomenon among children and more children in America go through. However, it is considered dangerous because the person is a sleepwalker does not have full consciousness and, therefore, he or she may be hurt by falling.

There are several types of sleep and the different people in different ways. Some go quietly with eyes open across the room, then they can go back to bed. Some people running frantically, and also express their anger while doing it. The cause of the anger may be due to suppressed feelings were expressed through dreams. Dreams considered as a method of inner speech and anger, while his sleep is one of them. It's just a kind of emotional appearance. Sleep is not considered a sleep disorder, because a person falls asleep immediately after the incident. Even people who were angry in the episode do not remember anything of the incident to wake up the next morning.