Insomnia Therapy .. part 5 (Behavioral Therapy)

Try doing behavioral therapy, among them a healthy sleep, stimulus control therapy, sleep restriction therapy, relaxation therapy, and other therapies, such as light therapy can help a person to sleep. Healthy sleep habits is to build a good sleep. The trick, go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same hour, whatever and however the circumstances. Another thing, avoid sleeping during the day, no caffeine and nicotine, and avoid alcohol.
Although alcohol has a sedative function (pain reduction), but he really can disrupt sleep. We recommend that you also do not go to sleep if the belly was too hungry or full. Build an atmosphere that helps to sleep soundly. For example, not too bright lights, no noise, and made a comfortable room temperature.
While sleep restriction therapy is to measure how long you sleep for lying in bed. If you only slept six hours for eight hours lying in bed, then it is still quite normal. But if fewer than that, you should immediately go to the doctor.
While the stimulus control therapy is built on the idea that insomnia is usually makes the bed as a place of idleness is not a place to sleep. Therefore, one of the recommendations of this therapy is to immediately get out of bed any hour you wake up from sleep.
Behavior therapy is quite effective for relieving insomnia. But it takes some time to make this effective therapy. This is what often makes people with insomnia can not wait. They want a "cure" that instant. Therefore, the consumption of drugs is one option. So, eliminate insomnia ultimately depends on your own self.