Tang ming For Cures Insomnia


There's an ancient China that says, "If given a choice, I would find a way to cure my insomnia rather than a way to become celestial beings."
Symptoms of insomnia is different for everyone. Some people have difficulty falling asleep. Anything I can sleep but kept awake all night and it was difficult to fall asleep again. Some people will be awakened by the sound of a clock falling. Some people remain closed her eyes throughout the night but their minds intact. Worse than all types of insomnia this is the kind where someone kept remembering something must be done or someone to find, and then jumped out of bed. When he finally returned to bed and was about to fall asleep, the same episode repeats itself. Therefore, he can not rest at all during the night.

I once took care of a patient suffering from insomnia for a long time. I can not help but smile every time I think about this patient.
He first came to my clinic for treatment of insomnia because of previous husband was a patient. The couple lived in two separate cities because of their jobs, also because of other embarrassing reasons. The wife will stay awake all night, so he'll do the dishes, washing clothes and cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner. On the one hand, her husband was going to have a heart attack because she could not sleep at night because his wife continued to do housework. He experienced severe headaches and come to me for treatment.
Every time his wife visited him, he'll come to see me at the clinic and discuss this issue. The house was more noise at night than in daylight. As a result, day-to-day biological clock becomes inverted. He asked for my help and I helped him.
His wife was always busy, and could not sleep easily. He thinks sleep is a waste of time and impede their work. He studied at the graduate school, and he wrote most of her letters and her thesis at night. In the afternoon, he got really tired and felt sleepy. He slept only when he is too tired to hold himself to stay awake. Although his body may break during sleep, her mind was not.
I asked him to lie down, and use one-inch long needle to apply acupuncture at the hairline. After several minutes, he fell asleep. He awoke two hours later. Since then, he has been able to sleep at night. But one month later, he came to see me again because of too much sleep. "Since you can heal me from insomnia, you should be able to help me because the problem oversleep, do not you?" he said
Her husband, who stood beside him looking confused. He said, "Do you think there are buttons that can be used on your head physician for mengotrol hours of sleep?"
I asked him to lie down again, and apply acupuncture at the same place, but with half the depth. He fell asleep again, but this time she woke up quickly.
I told him, "A human being is not the same as grass or wood. We are flesh and blood, and need to sleep more than anything. Sleep well we can help restore energy, maintain health, calm the stomach, and strengthens bones and muscles. Human beings do not should have the disease. If someone is still able to work at night, however, and could not sleep on a regular basis, then, his eyelids would become sunken and his health will decrease each day. He may not immediately get a disease, but in the end will hurt. Sleep is not a cure, but helps cure all diseases, and even save lives. He is a panacea. "
He seems a little understanding of my words. However, after this treatment, he did not need to see me again. Her husband also incurable headache.