Miracles and Health Benefits of an Alkaline Diet: Top Alkaline Foods

The normal pH of the body is 7.3, which makes our body more alkaline that acidic in nature. Fall in alkalinity of the blood may be associated with a wide range of complications and manifest in the form of several problems. Low alkalinity is also associated with atherosclerosis and hypertension. As per a study published in 2009, alkaline foods also play a crucial role in weight management and prevent additional weight gain. Including Alkaline Foods in your diet can prevent complications associated with Acid-Base Balance and aid in enhancing overall health
Alkaline Foods are very Beneficial

Importance of Alkaline Diet: Complications associated with Poor Alkaline Diet

In a healthy individual, the reaction of the blood is alkaline. The normal balance is 20 % acidity and 80 % alkalinity. Maintaining the alkalinity of blood is crucial to good health and optimum well being. The acid - alkaline balance plays a pivotal role in sustaining balanced blood chemistry and staving off a number of ailments. All foods, after the process of digestion, leave behind, either an alkaline or an acidic ash, depending on their nutrient composition.

Drop in the blood’s alkalinity reduces; its capacity to transport carbon dioxide gets reduced. Consequently, there occurs an accumulation of acids in the tissues. This is results in acidosis / hypo-alkalinity.

This results in a wide range of complications which include,

Health Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

A diet comprising of 80% alkaline foods enhancing the ability of blood to absorb oxygen effectively. This in turn has several benefits which include,

  • Oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain is improved which enhances the various mental functions like memory, cognition and concentration
  • Such a diet enhances the absorption of vital nutrients and traces minerals effectively and prevents deficiency disorders caused due to inadequate of iron, magnesium, calcium, etc.
  • It prevents the clogging of the arteries and aids in metabolism of the fats and thereby reduces the incidence of complications like heart attacks and strokes
  • Studies have shown that an alkaline diet is effective in weight management and aids in weight loss.

 How to keep the Blood Alkaline?: Top Alkaline Foods

Make sure that you begin your day by consuming foods that leave an alkaline ash, on digestion. This will take care of your alimentary canal all day long, and will prevent the appearance of unfavorable manifestations. Eating plenty of alkaline foods, helps neutralize the acidity and also off-sets the detrimental impact of acidic foods, which you may consume.

Some of the foods that are high in Alkaline content include,  

Food that is alkaline is essential for our body and should be consumed in abundance to keep the ph level of the body balanced. Other meats should be eaten in great moderation while it is advised to go slow with various cooking oils too.