Power point slides, y'all

That's what I've read today.  I had a very busy day- not just busy for me, but busy for anyone- and I didn't get much homework done.  At my volunteer job, I listened to one of my lectures, following along with the slides & taking notes there.  I'm currently listening to another lecture, and the professor speaking right now reminds me a little of Eugene Levy, with a little bit of a Brooklyn accent thrown in from time to time.  So he'll make a really smart statement with big words, but he slightly mispronounces the words (which he admits) and then I kind of want him to add a "badda-bing!" on the end.  Which would be especially wonderful, being that we're talking about sex.

I did pick up three books from the library, though.  I got another C.S. Lewis book, Surprised by Joy, the next Maria V. Snyder book in her Glass series, Sea Glass, and Redeeming Love, which is a novelization of the story of Hosea and Gomer.  I would like to get this read before Sunday, if it could help me with my teaching.  (Yes, I spoke on Hosea last week, but I'm also speaking about it this week.)

I think I'll write my essays for this week tomorrow, then start hitting the fiction, including Lewis, so I can get ahead for my class.