So much for "Every Day"

I'm going to try, though.  Really.  I've just had a busy couple of days. 

Today I finished a silly, romance novel that was a freebie from the Romantic Times convention this year,The Selkie Bride.   To tell you the truth, it wasn't all that bad.  Sort of a mystery set on a Scottish island in 1923 or so.  A tad disappointing in the end, but not a waste of time. 

I'm pretty much done with my class, and my sister wanted my laptop while I was gone, so I let myself relax and read while at my volunteering job.  It's so nice to feel that freedom to read without guilt.  Tomorrow, I just need to read a few chapters for school, write a couple short responses, print everything up and mail it off.  Then I have two weeks before my next class starts.

My next class is also an online class, but with more structure than this one.  I'll need to log on every week & take part in discussions with the professors.  It will be better for me.  I'm also taking a 2 week class on C.S. Lewis in July, so I may read a bit of him during my 2 week break.  The rest of my free time will be spent on, digging around as much as I can so that I don't have to pay for another month.