Home remedies for Toothache: Diet for Tooth pain

Toothache refers to pain in the teeth, jaws or gums. Toothaches may be caused due to a host of reasons, such as, cavities, caries, exposed tooth root, cracked tooth, gingivitis, etc. It is one of the most common conditions for visit to the dentist. Tooth pain could vary from mild to severe, from sharp to dull.

Causes of tooth pain
The primary cause for tooth pain is decay, which is triggered by a faulty diet. Consumption of sugary foods, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, refined carbohydrates and processed foods causes plaque to deposit on the teeth. Plaque affects the tooth enamel and causes erosion.

Home remedies for teeth pain
  1. Garlic: is a wonderful remedy for toothache. Crush a flake of garlic and place it against the affected tooth. Garlic is a powerful infection fighter and instantly allays pain and swelling.
  2. Lime is beneficial in tooth pain
  3. Lime: is packed with vitamin C, which is very vital for optimum health of gums and teeth. It checks tooth decay, prevents loosening of teeth and halts bleeding of the gums. Drinking the juice of 1 lime daily is recommended. Also, while brushing the teeth, use neat lime juice to brush the teeth and gums.
  4. Asafetida: take 1 teaspoon of asafetida and add the juice of ½ a lime to it. Heat slightly. Soak a cotton swab in this lotion and place at the site of the toothache. It relieves pain rapidly.
Diet for Toothache
Diet plays a fundamental part in dental health. It is imperative to curb the intake of sugar, refined foods and processed foods. Consume plenty of raw fruits and vegetables; these are ideal for the teeth. Fiber-less refined foods accumulate on the teeth, and form the lethal plaque, hence foods rich in dietary fiber are recommended.

What’s more, proper cleaning of the teeth is very essential to prevent tooth decay and stop toothache. Equally important are tongue cleaning and regular flossing. Dental hygiene and the correct diet put a stop to toothache and tooth decay and promote oral health. Tooth Extraction is the last resort, especially if the condition is painful.