Insomnia in children is naturally caused by food allergies

According to the study of sleep disorders in children naturally insomnia is often caused by food allergies. Food Allergy Insomnia is a sleep disorder to initiate and maintain sleep quality is caused due to the manifestation or response due to food allergy is not natural.
The incidence of food allergy insomnia is still not known for sure is naturally, but it seems that this disorder is often experienced, especially at the age of children under age 5 years, especially the age of 2 years clinical manifestations of disorders of insomnia naturally by food allergies, still have not been revealed clearly. Some studies suggest several other sleep disorders were often associated naturally with food allergy insomnia.
Results for the year 2004 that have been proposed in the international scientific event 24th International Congress of Pediatric Cancun Mexico August 15th-20th, 2004, showed that of 64 children with food allergic disorders and sleep disorders, after the elimination of food allergens for 3 weeks got improvement. Repair 97% of children obtained from his sleep patterns. Obtained 42 (66%) children had a food allergy insomnia, 12 (19%) of children with somnambulisme, 8 (13%) children with night terror, 32 (50%) of children with nocturnal myoclonus.
Causes of sleep disorders that are not natural, as long as it is believed by many as the cause of many sleep disorders are still in doubt. These conditions are due to day and too tired to play, too loud laugh or joke bersendau, because of thirst or as asked for a drink. Apparently after the avoidance of food allergies are at risk of the disorder disappear despite various interventions penyebabb was not performed.
So far no studies that confirm cause and effect of insomnia can lead to various dangerous thing. Various studies indicate children with insomnia often accompanied by increased aggressive behavior, impaired school performance, increased emotion and ganggua learning. While berbeagai scientific reports indicate that people with food allergies also often accompanied accompanied by increased behavioral disorders.