Natural cure insomnia with Swamp Cabbage, Celery and Nutmeg

There is a natural remedy for those of you who often have difficulty sleeping or insomnia. Yes, natural remedy that is nutmeg, spinach and celery.
One of the tips to keep your body fit is adequate and quality sleep. The problem is, many people now lack of sleep because of sleep disorder or insomnia.
Fact it, 30-50 percent of the world population suffer from insomnia, and 10 percent of them in the category of chronic insomnia. Although the body was lying in bed long enough, still not able to sleep.
The main cause of insomnia is stress. People with insomnia often have weak powers of concentration and experience fatigue in advanced stages. Adequacy of sleep you are not measured by the length of time to sleep, but rather on the quality of sleep. Sleep quality is said if you wake in the morning in a state fit.
Problems are also experienced insomnia Iwan. Already nearly half of this year he could sleep before morning. Despite taking a sleeping pill, still he was unable to sleep.
One friend suggested that Iwan taking traditional ingredients made from raw spinach, nutmeg, and celery. After routinely drank juice three compounds, a few days later he was able to sleep soundly.
"The three ingredients were blended. Let tasty, add fruit such as watermelon, melon, starfruit, or one tablespoon of honey, "said Iwan.
Calming Effect In Indonesia, the history of the use of nutmeg and water spinach as a herb for treating insomnia, for generations has been going on for hundreds of years. The oldest literature written by Mevrouw J. Kloppenburg-Versteegh, a Dutch woman.
He writes on what he observed and heard from people around, and who has practiced alone. Matter third book was published in 1912, its title Raadgevingen Werken en het gebruik van betreffende Indische Planten, Vruchten enz (Ways and Advice Concerning the Use of Plants Indonesia, Fruits, etc.). Literature was also called other materials that insomnia is efficacious as a medicine chili Puyang (mold to-12 year 1968).
Celery also has long been used in Indonesia and in the other hemisphere as a drug for treating insomnia. Note the longest of celery, efficacy has been felt by the ancient Egyptians (the time before Christ). As disclosed Adriana Suwono from Herbacare, compared with water spinach and nutmeg, celery is not directly used to relieve insomnia. More Celery has a calming effect and reduce high blood.
As we know, when stressed, a person's blood pressure is usually not stable. Well, celery serves to stabilize (not lower) blood pressure. Triggers Sleep
Combined the three compounds, namely spinach, nutmeg, and celery, mixed by Dr. J. Sidhajatra Suwono, about 30 years ago, proved to effectively cope with the ¬ is difficult to sleep and stabilize high blood pressure.
Kangkung serves as a trigger sleepiness. Nutmeg is actually not really cause drowsiness such as spinach, but make a good sleep. Meanwhile, celery act to stabilize blood pressure.
In everyday life, kale and celery usually consumed in the form of vegetables, while the nutmeg in the form of sweets or syrup. Adriana added, to achieve the desired effect, dose plays an important role.
"Eating a few pieces of celery mixed with carrots, potatoes, chicken, meatballs, of course would be different if we specifically boil celery, kale, and nutmeg for insomnia drug. The result is a stew is a simple extract. With for example 5 cups boiling water until the remaining 1.5 cups, extract it, "he said.
He menganalogikan with chicken extract. That is, the meat is boiled chicken with a pan of water until the remaining approximately 2 cups. Chickens have no taste anymore, all substances absorbed in the rest of the water extract. So also with medicinal plant extracts.
Not Addicted The third extract the material is now available in capsule form, such as those made with the name Adriana Naturest extract. He ensures this herb is safe and not addictive because 100 percent is made from natural ingredients. If you want to draw on its own is not difficult, can be used as cooking ingredients or juice.
If you have a problem with sleep disorders (insomnia), try this triumvirate. Guaranteed you will be able to sleep soundly.
Stewed or juiced Watercress and celery may be consumed as a vegetable, while nutmeg can be made syrup or candied. These three ingredients can be mixed to overcome sleep disorders.
How do I? As explained Adriana from Herbacure, free measuring, for example, each 1 handful of watercress and celery leaves wet and nutmeg to taste. In dried form, approximately weighs about 30-10 grams.
Stew Rinse and two handfuls of spinach that had been cleaned the shaft bottom, two handfuls of celery, and nutmeg to taste. Heat three cups of water until boiling. Furthermore, all three materials enter and wait until the water is only one glass. You can add a teaspoon of honey if desired. Drink this mixture after dinner or before bedtime.
Juice Rinse a handful of fresh spinach that has been cleaned rods underneath, a handheld celery, and nutmeg to taste. The three ingredients are incorporated into a blender filled one and a half cups of water. Once blended, you can filter it and add a teaspoon of honey or milk for a sweeter taste. If you want more fresh, add ice cubes. Drink after dinner or right before bed