Natural herbs to cure insomnia

Impaired natural factors of insomnia can be traced from the way a person lives on a regular basis until the nightlife. When insomnia occurs at midnight (at 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to sleep easily but at 24.00 - 02:00 awoke and could not sleep again) be regarded as a fairly severe mental disorders. When you awaken in the morning (at 3:00 to 4:00) and then can not sleep again, it's usually associated with severe depressive disorders.
In addition to the depression, insomnia may also be due to the influence of liquor or beverages which contains caffeine, use of sleeping pills or tranquilizers for a long time, high blood pressure-lowering drug class of beta-blockers (such as atenadol, madolol, and propanodol).
some plants can naturally overcome the problem of insomnia, we do not need a doctor, let alone taking a sedative. to cure insomnia naturally, there are some plants that can be powered for your sleeping comfort. Weiss E.A. Essential Oil Crops in Chapter 7: Myristicaceae (1997) mention, aromatic compounds myristicin, elimicin, and safrole by 2-18% contained in the seed and mace is stimulated to sleep dreaming (halusigenik) with a dose of less and 5 g. Do a lot because when consumed about 8 g (equivalent to two seeds), nutmeg, would change the nature of the narcotics are dangerous, even fatal.
In some European countries, nutmeg is used in small portions as a spice in meat dishes and soups. Fulinya (skin wrapping nutmeg) preferably used in flavoring dishes, pickles, and ketchup. Volatile oils from seeds, mace, leather, wood, leaves and flower juice as oleoresins results are often used in soft drink canning industry until the alcohol and cosmetics.
Nutmeg oil is widely used as a flavoring ingredient in food products with the recommended dosage of about 0.08%. This oil has the ability to kill insects (insecticidal), antifungal (fungicidal), and antibacterial. As a medicine, nutmeg efficacious as a stimulant (stimulant), issued a wind (carminative), collapse or mucous membrane pores (astrinjen), and to overcome impotence (an aphrodisiac).
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) including plants from the family Myristicaceae (nutmeg-palaan). Trunked plants are reaching 18 m high with a leaf that is egg-shaped or oval evergreen throughout the year. Yellow-skinned fruit is round if it is old, white flesh which is a typical ingredient known sweets in Bogor. Seeds rather hard thin-skinned black mace wrapped in brown colored red. The contents of the white seeds, when dried into a dark brown with a distinctive aroma similar to cloves.
Nutmeg tree can grow in the tropics at an altitude below 700 m above sea level, humid and hot climate, rainfall 2000-3500 mm without experiencing a real dry season period. Nutmeg plant is generally cultivated in the Islands of Maluku, particularly Ambon, and Banda. Planted on a small scale in the other islands around the Banda, Galway, West Sumatera, West Java, and Papua.
Per 100 g of meat can be eaten nutmeg that contained approximately 10 g water, 7 g protein, 33 g fat, oils that evaporate with the major components of mono terpene hydrocarbons (61-88%, such as alpha pinene, beta pinene, sabinene), acid monoterpenes (5-15%), aromatic ether (2-18% as myristicin, elemicin, safrole).
While the mace can be used as a sleeping pill in the form of tea. Each 100 g flowers of water containing approximately 16 g, 22 g fat, 10 g of oil evaporated, 48 g carbohydrate, 0.1 g phosphorus, iron 13 mg. The red color from lycopene fulinya is the same with the tomato red color.
If there is no head, so-so try fennel seeds. Plants that have a scientific name of Foeniculum vulgare Miller include the family Apiaceae (Centella asiatica-pegaganan). In Java grown in mountainous regions such as the Tengger whose fruits are harvested as ingredients in skin pulasari (Alyxia sp.) To improve the aroma of herbs and spices cooking.
Fennel including the annual plant height shrub to 2 m. Segmented trunk, hollow, grooved with monopodial branching whitish green color. Leaves compound, pinnate double, a needle, the tip of the base and tapering, flat edge, the length of 30-50 cm, width 15-25 cm, midrib length 5-7 cm light green to green.
Umbrella-shaped flowers are also diverse, growing at the end of the stem, petals form a tube, green, and there are five yellow crown. The fruit is oval-shaped, grooved, length 60-10 mm, width 3-4 mm, young green after dark grayish green.
The fruit is generally known as stimulant drugs (stimulants), strengthens the stomach, peluruh sputum (expectorant), and issued a wind (carminative). Officially has been used in the pharmaceutical industry. In India the leaves are used as a laxative drug urine (diuretic), fruit juice may improve eyesight. In traditional Chinese medicine, fennel is used as ingredients such as stomach ulcers, hernia, indigestion, intestinal injury, and stimulates milk production (laktagoga). In Germany used in the treatment of seizure disorders due to stomach acid and peluruh phlegm in the form of cough syrup children.
According to Bernath et al. in the journal of Essential Oil Research (1996) mentions, fennel fruit contains a volatile oil anetol above 70-80% pinen, fenchon, limonene, estragol, 14-22% protein, and 12 - 18.5% fat. The fruit also contains flavonoids and stigmasterol as an antioxidant, antifungal, antibak ten, antivirus, and acts as a sedative in nervous tissue associated with psychosis (spasmolytic)
LEAF tranquilizers
In addition to the fennel and nutmeg, there is a daughter of shame that can be used as traditional medicine insomniacs. Plants from the family Fabaceae (legumes) has several names. The Javanese call it thin cat, in the Sunda known as jukud riyud, and the Papuans give the name of mat mat. This species probably originated from South America but has spread to other tropical areas including Southeast Asia.
Whether in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand used traditionally for the treatment of insomnia. In Vietnam the leaves as a traditional medicine to tranquilizers, sleeping pills so appreciated as insomniacs. In India and Thailand decoction whole plant for the treatment of patients with bloody urine. In Brunei root decoction drunk people with asthma and diarrhea or diarrhea. Stew the same in India is used as a treatment of urinary disorders and impotence (an aphrodisiac).
Englert et al. in Planta Medica said, embarrassed daughter plants contain compounds that are sensitive, ie momosine, an amino acid derivative of lysine biosynthetic results. The compound is poisonous to some animals such as pig, rabbit, and ruminant animals.
Results of experiments by injecting 10% of the leaf extract lowered the blood pressure effect on dogs as well as a sedative (sedative), anti-inflammatory, not fertilized eggs attach to the uterus (anti-implantation), and inflammatory arthritis. The test results in mice showed increased time to sleep. Can lower blood sugar levels the mice with high sugar levels (diabetes) after giving the feed a maximum period of two hours and after six hours of showing symptoms of normal.
Well, make Yanto just select, want to use nutmeg, fennel, or embarrassed daughter. Hopefully not cranky anymore just because the show World Cup Germany 2006 is over. If you had stayed up late, now can sleep soundly.
DRUG gathering sleepiness
Fresh nutmeg (a, approximately 20 g) peeled, washed and shredded. The result is brewed with hot water 1 / 2 cup and mix a tablespoon of honey, stir, drink when lukewarm. Ingredient for a drink and can drink a day 1-2 times.
Dried nutmeg with size 1 / 4 - 3/4-nya (2-4 g) finely ground, pour boiling hot water 1 / 2 cup, mix honey to taste. Stir and drink while warm. Remedy for a drink and a day please drink 1-2 times.
Mace dry as much as 1 / 2 - 1 teaspoon brewed hot water 1 / 2 cup, campurhan honey to taste, stir, and drink warm. Remedy for a drink and a day may drink 1-2 times.
Fennel seeds 3 / 4 teaspoon washed, pounded into powder, brewed with water 1 / 2 cup, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, stir and drink warm. Remedy for a drink and a day please drink 1-2 times.
Leaf fresh embarrassed daughter, about a handful (25-50 g) was boiled with 1 liter of water, so stay 1/2-nya. Campurhan honey to taste. Potion to drink twice.