Color Therapy and Healing

Color has always been associated with certain types of energy that is very useful for healing. The use of color as a healing tool has gained immense popularity, particularly, as the limitations of pharmacology and complex difficulties of certain disorders are being recognized.

What are Healing Colors? Color Therapy Light

Color therapy for healing
Pioneers of color healing and color therapy have discovered the remarkable benefits of drinking water that is charged with natural light or specific wavelengths of color. Experts say, the atomic structure of the water gets altered and proffers life enhancing properties.

Researchers are now investigating techniques to target specific light frequencies on the diseased tissue to re-instate normal functioning.

Color Healing: A Technique to Use Color Therapy

Color essences are a wonderful medium to make available color therapy. Color essences are water that have been energized and altered by the action of natural sunlight through a colored filter.
Color essences are easy to make and exert a beneficial effect on the body. They are an excellent tool to bring the body back to harmony, mental peace and concord.

 Making a Color Essence Using the Healing Light 
  • Take a glass of water, and let it stand on a color filter of your choice. Cover the glass with another filter, of the same color. It is important to understand that color essences are self regulating, i.e., the body will make use of the energy within the essence if it is appropriate.
  • Place the glass in sunlight for 2 hours.
  • In case, you want to store the essence, you need to store it in an amber colored bottle. Also, adding vodka or brandy as a preservative is recommended. It will keep it for many months. Use 50 % water and 50 % alcohol. You may also use honey or apple cider vinegar as an alternative to alcohol.
Using the Color Essence

  • Drink a drop or two from the bottle daily. Taking the essence last thing at night and immediately on waking is a good way to bring back the state of balance.
  • You can also place the essence on pulse points, such as, temples, wrists, neck, etc.
  • Spray the color essence on your body; it quickly color vibration to the body and the place as well.
  • Rub a drop or two on to a diseased or affected area. Rubbing the oil in to an area of imbalance can speed up the process of healing and mental health.
  • You may also add the color essence to your bath.
  • You could also use the color essence on your Chakra points, as a par of the chakra color therapy.