Athlete’s Foot Symptoms and Treatment: Home Remedy and Natural Cure for Fungal Foot Infection

The commonest fungal infection of the skin, athlete’s foot, characteristically starts between the toes, and results in itching and scaling, and occasionally painful breaks in the skin too.

Fungal Foot Infection
The medical terminology for athlete's foot is tinea pedis. The fungus that causes the ailment is normally found on the skin of all humans. They tend to multiply out of control under certain conditions. The fungus thrives in moist, damp and cramped places, such as, the inside shoes and socks. Poorly ventilated shoes and sweaty socks are an excellent breeding ground for the fungi.

It is relatively contagious, and can spread from individual to individual, via direct contact or through use of belongings of an infected person.

Athlete’s Foot Symptoms: Foot Fungal Infection Symptoms

The common manifestations of athlete’s foot are:

  • Scaling and peeling in between the toes.
  • In sever cases, cracks between the toes.
  • Itching, burning and redness.
  • Blisters along the sides and soles of the feet.
  • The skin becomes soft and painful.
  • Toe nails may become discolored and crumbly.
Fungal Foot Treatment

 Doctors prescribe anti fungal medications to mange the case effectively. However, there are a host of natural cures and home remedies that successfully manage athlete’s foot.

You could opt for these treatment options. Although, in case, you observe no improvement within 7 to 10 days, visiting the doctor is recommended.

Home Remedy for Athlete’s Foot

  1. Tea Tree oil: Tea tree oil is an excellent anti fungal essential oil. The tea tree oil makes the environment of the foot inhospitable for fungal growth. Clean and dry your feet well; then dab on a few drops of the essential oil on to the affected part. Also, you could add about 20 drops of Tea Tree oil in to a tub of water and immerse your feet in it.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar is very beneficial
  3. Garlic oil: rubbing garlic oil all over the infected part is advocated too. It is the best infection fighter and eliminates fungal infection efficiently.
  4. Apple cider vinegar: Apply directly over the infected part or dilute it with equal quantity of warm water, and soak your feet in.
  5. Epsom salt and boric acid: add 1/4th cup of Epsom salt and 5 spoons of boric powder. Immerse your feet in this solution daily for 15 minutes. 
Natural Cures for Fungal Foot Infection
  • Keep your feet clean and dry. Maintain strict levels of hygiene.
  • Always wear clean, dry socks.
  • Air your shoes after each use. Never wear the same pair everyday. Whenever possible, opt for well ventilated shoes that allow your feet to breathe.
  • Keep toe nails clean. Cut them straight across the top to prevent and check fungal infection.
  • Importantly, ensure that you consume large amounts of vitamin C rich foods (limes, lemons, oranges, bell peppers, etc.) everyday. Vitamin C promotes immune function and assists the body in fighting the infection faster.