Diet and Home Remedy for Removal of Moles

Moles are very common skin lesions which are almost always benign (i.e. non cancerous). Most moles develop between the ages of 10-40 years. As one grows older, the moles change color and may become elevated or may gradually fade off.

Mole are harmless skin lesions
What are moles?
Moles comprise of a bunch of dark brown pigmented cells which are usually flat but can occasionally be raised. Moles are common on the arms, face and legs. Moles are often painless. Clinically referred to as melanocytic naevus, moles is the result of proliferation of pigment cells, located in deeper layers of the skin. Some moles may be present at birth, while others may develop after birth, primarily caused due to exposure to sun rays.

Mole Removal Home Remedy
Since most of the moles are harmless and painless, trying out home remedies for removal of moles has been practiced and found to be very effective. Here are a few herbs that have been found effective in the management of moles at home,
  • Flax seed oil has been extremely beneficial in removal of moles. Applying a mixture of flaxseed oil with raw honey on the affected site is very useful
  • Garlic has been found to have profound benefits when applied locally on the moles. Apply freshly squeezed garlic juice on the affected part and leave it on for about twenty minutes. Rinse the site with cold water after applying garlic for the stipulated period of time
    Flax Seed Oil is useful in Mole Removal
  • Fig stem juice and raw pineapple have soothing effect on the skin and aid in the removal of moles. It also alleviates symptoms like itching and burning which are often associated with moles
  • Local application of Tea tree oil is considered very beneficial for the skin lesion. Tea tree oil has anti bacterial and anti microbial properties which help in hastening the removal of moles
Mole Removal Diet
The role of an appropriate diet in the removal of moles has often been underestimated. Here are simple dietary guidelines beneficial in the removal of moles
  • Potassium has been found to be beneficial in management of moles. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in potassium is recommended
  • Consume fruits like grapes, banana, apples, avocado, etc.
  • Increasing the intake of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, beans, spinach, etc also provide the essential supply of potassium to the body
  • Vitamin C is considered to be beneficial in management of moles. Vitamin C supplements or increased intake of citrus fruits has been found to be beneficial