Treating Constipation with Home Remedies: Supplements and Home Care Tips to Improve Bowel Function

Sedentary lifestyle and faulty dietary practices are a common place in today’s urbanized life. Irregular bowel movements are also associated with depression, diabetes and thyroid disorders. As per a study conducted in Seattle it was observed that people with frequent complain of constipation had higher risk of developing colon cancer compared to others. Prolonged use of powerful laxatives can weaken the gastro-intestinal system. Certain supplements and Home Remedies can be very beneficial.

Constipation: Causes and Symptoms

Constipation is a common
Irregular bowel movement and constipation are attributed to several factors,
Symptoms of constipation may range from infrequent bowel movement to difficulty and pain while passing stools. Some patients may suffer from hard and dry stools while others may complain of abdominal distention and gassy stomach.

 Supplements to treat Constipation: Precaution to improve Bowel Functions 
  • Vitamin C in addition to its role as an immune booster and antioxidant properties, acts as a mild laxative. Evidence suggests that consumption of Vitamin C in high doses of up to 2000 mg per day can help loosen the stools. Such high dosage of Vitamin C interferes with the absorption of copper and selenium and hence additional supplements of these two nutrients are recommended.
  • Similar to Vitamin C, Magnesium also has a gentle laxative effect. The maximum intake recommended to treat constipation is about 800 mg per day. However magnesium should not be used in individuals suffering from any form of kidney disorder.

Home Remedies to improve Bowel Movement: Home care Tips for Constipation

Use of Psyllium increases the frequency of bowel movement as per a recent study conducted at University of Nebraska. This is attributed to the high fiber content in Psyllium which helps retain water and create extra bulk which aids in the passage of stools. However there are a host of other home remedies that one can try,  
  • Freshly squeezed prune and guava juice has a powerful laxative effect. However they are gentle and don’t result in lose motions. Drinking half a cup of juice or consuming one guava or three prunes a day can be beneficial
  • Dandelion Root are
    Mild Laxatives
  • Dandelion root are also mild laxatives. Consuming one cup of tea about thrice a day can be beneficial in treatment of constipation.
  • It is important to remain hydrated. A minimum intake of 2000 ml per day is recommended. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and aerated drinks, as these are responsible for dehydration. On the other hand increase intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Regular exercise also tends to stimulate the colon. A hot drink early in the morning can trigger an oro-rectal reflex and get the bowels moving. Don’t hold your stools; it is important to go to the bathroom as soon as the urge strikes.
  • The use of cascara sagrada, a herb, is recommended only in cases of obstinate constipation, which don’t yield to the mild and moderate effects of supplements and other home remedies.

Prolonged use of synthetic and artificial laxatives tends to derange the gastro-intestinal system. If you have been a long term user of laxatives, home remedies will take some time to show results. However, these results will not be temporary and will improve overall health status.