An Introduction to Yoga for Beginners : Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga helps you to come back to yourself. It helps you truly relax in to who you are. Yoga reminds you who you actually are, but have forgotten because of the tumultuous tornado of a fast paced life.

History of Yoga

Patanjali wrote the Yoga sutra, the first text on the subject of Yoga, 2500 years ago. Patajali defined Yoga as ‘chitta vritti nirodha’, meaning cessation of the turnings of the mind.
The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means to unite, join or connect. It helps to unify with the supreme power.

Yoga is Very Beneficial
for Health
Hatha Yoga

Hath yoga is the most well known type of yoga; it focuses on strenuous and persistent effort and encourages awareness of the body. The various asanas or poses constitute hath yoga. Hath yoga helps to center you, keep you grounded, brings your mind back to the present and broadens your spiritual boundaries.

Yoga poses or yoga asanas rebalance your body. They bring strength to the weak areas and bring softness to the tight spots. They give you a work out as well as a work in. yoga postures work powerfully on the muscles, bones and internal organs and control the prana or the vital force. Asanas purify and heal the body and the mind and the subtle energy too.

Yoga Poses for Beginners

Here is some simple advice for yoga practice beginners,
    Beginners should try simple
    poses like the cat pose
  • Choose easy postures and gradually build up your practice.
  • Regular practice is the key to success.
  • Rest well between postures.
  • Relax your muscles during the poses, rather than making them taut; in particular keep your face relaxed.
  • Beginners should start off with Taadasana or the tree pose, Trikonasana or the triangle pose, Virbhadrasana or the warrior pose, Uttanasana or the forward bend, and Viralasana or the cat pose.

 Yoga Benefits: What Are The Health Benefits Of Yoga?

The health benefits of Yoga are astounding and far reaching. It encompasses the body, mind and the soul. Stress, pollution, emotional upheavals, peer pressures, family demands, financial worries, and physical strain can overwhelm you and derange your body-mind-soul complex. Yoga helps you regain this balance and revitalizes and rejuvenates you.
  • Yoga imparts an instant feel-good effect.It makes you feel freer and more relaxed, and helps tackle with anxiety, irritability and anger.
  • Face yoga is used to delay the signs of aging and prevent the occurance of wrinkles and crowfeet
  • Yoga promises to make your body flexible and supple; it works on the spine and limbers it. Specific yoga postures can effectively manage most spinal and vertebral disorders and disabilities. Yoga impacts our loco-motor system beneficially. It makes the ligaments and tendons more flexible and also reinforces them. The daily practice of yoga prevents stiffness and painful movements and improves the rage of motion too.
  • Yoga massages your internal organs as well, especially the abdominal organs, thus, boosting
  • The practice of yoga increases lung capacity and lung power and battles chronic respiratory diseases such as: bronchitis, asthma, COPD, etc.
  • Yoga enhances stamina and endurance levels appreciably. It also aids in losing belly fat and helps control obesity and excess weight
  • Yoga is also considered beneficial for a healthy heart
  • Yoga stills the mind and banishes unnecessary and irrelevant thoughts and emotions. It brings harmony and peace and generates a feeling of complete well being.
  • Yoga assists you in transgressing the boundaries of mundane life and achieve spiritual awakening.