How far is Olymp?

This weekend has been hot again. Another opportunity to work on my tan.
I went from vampire like white skin, to olive in just two months. Thanks to an early trip to Tunisia and the remarkably good weather in Belgium afterwards. It's still quiet unusual to see myself in a mirror or on pictures and not looking pale after all those years. Having my tan is like going back to my roots, my native country is famous for it's hot weather. So I always had sun kissed skin in childhood.

So, what's there to wear on hot summer day when u already have a tan. White!
I rarely wear white and don't have a lot of white items in my wardrobe. 
For this outfit I was inspired by Greece, country that I love very much. And more specific by Greek mythology.
What woman doesn't want to be a Goddess ones in a while? So I just went for it, well at least tried :)
I bought this tunic last year from H&M Against Aids collection. But the weather wasn't that good anymore and I lacked a tan. So yesterday was the first time I wore it. 
I combined it with my most favorite sandals, which are very Greek-like, and silver jewelry I bought in Tunisia.
I maid little braids on the side of my head and pinned across the back of my head to finish the look.
I kept my make-up in gold shades for a more natural effect. Avoiding black eyeliner is a big task for me, but I succeeded.

Wearing: Tunic from H&M Against Aids collection, vintage Cosci bag, silver jewelry from Tunisia