Benefits of Lemon Detox: Detox Diet Program and Potential Side Effects of Detox Program

Detoxification refers to a procedure for removal of toxins which tend to get accumulated in the body and interfere with normal body functions. These toxins can be in the form of food addictives, cigarette smoke, alcohol, medical drug components and remnants, alcohol and other environmental poisons which may enter the body through the food we eat or the water we drink. Though there is no scientific information about the validity of these detoxification programs, several reports and testimonials claim that detoxification is effective to improve health.

Lemon is loaded with
Vitamin C
Lemon for Detoxification: Benefits of Lemon Detox Diet
Lemon is loaded with Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. The recommended dietary intake of Vitamin C is about 40 mg per day and juice of a single lemon is adequate to fulfill this requirement. In addition lemon also contains folic acids, flavanoids, Vitamin B6, potassium and limonene which is a powerful phytochemical.

Lemon Detox Diet provides several health benefits,
  • A lemon detox diet helps regularize bowel movement and fights constipation. A detox program helps clean the walls of the colon and eliminate toxic and fecal matter and enhance absorption.
  • A lemon detox diet helps boost immunity and enhance the body’s ability to fight infections. Further the detox diet helps purge out harmful toxins accumulated in the body either through faulty dietary practices or environmental exposure
  • Lemon detox diet helps combat physical and psychological stress. It helps reduce emotional stress and alleviates symptoms of fear, anxiety and irritability effectively
  • Antioxidants and Flavanoids in Lemon helps fight free radicals, that are responsible for cellular damage and thereby prevents premature aging and even helps prevent dreaded conditions like cancer
  • Detox diet also enhances energy levels and improves metabolism in the body
  • Detox diet also plays a crucial role in weight management and helps in losing weight quickly.
Lemon Detox Diet Program: Detoxification of the Liver with Lemon

A lemon detox diet program is fairly simple and easy to follow.
  • Begin with consuming freshly squeezed juice from one lemon each day. Dilute the juice with a cup of water, if required by avoid adding refined sugar or salt to the freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • After a few days increase the intake of the quantity of lemon juice. Squeeze two lemons and consume them without diluting with water.
  • Increase the intake to three lemons. Continue this cycle for about 21 days and then take a break for about a week, .though some experts recommend a maintenance dose of one lemon juice
  • Avoid refined foods like refined sugar or wheat. Instead use raw honey as a sweetener. Increase the intake of whole grains, fibers and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • During the detox program, ensure that you consume a minimum of three liters of water each day. Remaining adequately hydrated is important to allow the body to flush out toxins and accumulated waste.
Lemon detox diet has a potent action on the hepatocyte of the liver and helps them revive and improve their functions. Lemon detox diet is also beneficial in patients with alcoholic hepatitis as it helps eliminate toxins from the liver and purifies the blood stream.

Potential Side Effects of a Lemon Detox Diet: Caution Detox Program
Some of the common problems associated with a detoxification program include dehydration, fatigue, dizziness along with nausea and vomiting. These side effects are not attribute to the detoxification program but are often associated with faulty technique of implementing the detoxification program.