Rock'n'Roll is how we do it

The second challenge of Project Blogway was Rock Chick was another subject that's really close to my heart.
I don't claim to be a rock chick or any other type of girl for that matter, but still it's another image that suits me well. I didn't have to look long for my outfit. I could've made a dozen of different ones for this theme with the clothes for my wardrobe. But I wanted to use my "Balmains" again. I'm not for knock off designs, but couldn't just let to buy these beauties. I got them on ebay and I must say they look pretty good!
The special accessory I was talking about in my previous PB post is one of my boyfriends guitars.
Unlike me he actually plays on it.

H&M top
C&A leggings
Ebay shoes
Pieces scarf
Gibson guitar