Ladies edge

My style constantly balances between different looks.
One of my beloved styles is ladylike vintage styles.
Last week I received this wonderful jacket from Daydream Nation from one of my favorite bloggers Barbro.
I was the lucky winner of her giveaway. The jacket is so warm and soft that I wanted to wear it immediately.
What I like the most about it is it's edge in it's details. The fur trim and the studs.
As I was attending a cabaret event, nothing was over the top. So pulled out a fancy dress and my new pumps and my new Ray-Ban sunnies. I'm absolutely in love with them. It's a vintage model from the 80s called Laramie. It has a slight cat eye effect to the usual Wayfarer model.

I think girls don't dress up quiet enough, these days. Many of them just follow each other, walking around like clones. I always was a fan of personal style. These days it's more jeans and a shirt, than a nice dress and heels. Kind of boring if you ask me. It's funny, because so many people are overwhelmed when they see me and my friends all dressed up. For us it's just normal and this is how it should be.
I'd rather drop dead than wear sneakers to the restaurant. But here, in Belgium, it's not such a rare sight. Believe me or not. Many women forgot what it is to look at it's best. Such a shame...

I wore: Zara dress and pumps, Daydream Nation cardigan, Ray-Ban Laramie sunnies, H&M necklace and hair pin, C&A clutch.