simple tips to overcome your insomnia

The name of the disease is very difficult to sleep is often called insomnia, the disease can be caused by many things, from our minds are under stress, lifestyle changes, too tired and much more. Almost everyone has experienced this kind of thing, because too many things that had caused it.

simple tips to overcome your insomnia
If you experience this way the easiest thing to do is find a place that you think is cool and comfortable for sleeping. And try to be around you is not noisy. Bad consequences of insomnia are tired the next day, when normal sleep is 8 hours and if the sleep is less than that bodies must have felt uncomfortable.

If at any time suffer from insomnia you may have to get used to sleep on time. But sometimes if people do not want to sleep late at night yet, but this can cause many health problems later in life.

You can also try these simple tips below, to overcome your insomnia:
  1. One ripe banana (cut up), havermuth taste, and 1 glass of boiled milk for a while. After a rather cold, eaten.
  2. 60 grams of peeled cactus that has been cut into pieces and then boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc. After that, water is drunk while warm.
Good luck.