powerful solution to overcome insomnia

Basically, humans need a third time in his life or about 6-8 hours a day. Naturally and automatically if a tired body then we will feel sleepy thus forcing our bodies to rest physically and mentally. According to studies, people who slept 6.5 to 7.5 hours in a day will have a longer life than on the bed only takes less than 6.5 hours or more than 8 hours per day.

What is sleep?

powerful solution to overcome insomnia
Sleep is a natural resting condition experienced by humans and other animals are very important for health. How Was stages?

1. Early
2. Non rapid eyes movement (non-brake)
3. Rapid Eyes Movement (brake)
4. Dream Sleep

So what's the point we are getting enough sleep?

1. Regeneration of body cells are broken into the new.
2. Facilitate the body's production of growth hormone.
3. Resting the body is exhausted due to day activities.
4. Improving our immune from the disease.
5. Adding the concentration and physical ability.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that has symptoms of sluggish throughout the day due to lack of sleep. Generally, patients with insomnia will be hard to sleep if awakened in the night. How can one get insomnia?

  1. Physical factors such as being sick colds, asthma, sinus, and others.
  2. Ie environmental factors such as the smell unpleasant, noisy noise pollution, smoke, social environment that was unsafe.
  3. Unhealthy lifestyle factors such as caused by cigarettes, liquor, tonic, etc..
  4. Psychological factors like stress is a constant.
  5. Prikiatris factor due to the depression experienced by someone.
There are 3 types of insomnia
1. Transient insomnia is temporary
2. Short-term insomnia can last for several weeks
3. Chronic insomnia can be sustained for more than three weeks

Here are some ways to avoid Insomnia

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle such as not smoking, not staying up late, do not do drugs, do not drink alcohol, etc..
  2. Having enough sleep schedule and normal.
  3. Choosing a quiet environment, healthy and comfortable for sleeping.
  4. Exercise regularly and regularly.
  5. Eat regular, healthy and well so that during sleep is not hungry.
  6. Avoid drinking too many drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, chocolate, tea, etc.
how to be cured of insomnia

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