A red line Part II

So, here's the promised second version of the outfit. I used the same red jeans and bag, but the total look is totally different. Good girl turns bad, Rebel Without a Cause, rockabilly,... all these can be an inspiration for this outfit. I have many band shirts in my possession, though I don't wear them that often, or not for outfit posts maybe. Still, I like to give a twist to it. This shirt, from the Danish/American psycho/rockabilly band called Horrorpops. It's one of my first, and most favorite band shirts. I bought it at their gig in Belgium. There I also had a chance to meet the members, have a chat and take a picture. In those days, the singer of the band, Patricia was a real idol to me. I even had a similar hair style, bleached hair on both sides of my head. It took me years to grow it out and I lost a lot of hair due to bleaching. Still, those were fun times :)

The shirt still looks as good as new, because I haven't wore it that much. But it looks like those jeans and shirt were made for each other. The red combines perfectly with the popping colors of the shirt.
One thing this outfit is missing, is a red lipstick. But, believe me, all eyes were already on me, even without it.
Also, it was way too warm for red lipstick, or this outfit in general. But there I was.
The jacket wasn't even needed, but I wanted to show it anyway. I had it for so long, even longer than the shirt. And I love how washed out it is. It slowly turns into a patch jacket. The first one is Marilyn Manson. Also, a beloved artist of mine.

No doubt, this will be a combination that I'll wear again.

I was wearing: An old denim jacket, Forever 21 jeans, Horrorpops band shirt, Sac d'Anvers bag, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses, H&M wedges

For the people who are curious to hear the band, here's a little video for you