A red line

This weekend treated us with the last pieces of summer. It was very warm, even hot. But still I couldn't wait to wear my new red pair of jeans from Forever 21. I was looking for a perfect pair for a long time and finally found one at the preview of the store. The jeans are really nice and also very cheap, around 15 euro's.
I wore them two days in a row, something I have to do when I'm at my boyfriends house.
I did two completely different outfits with them and captured it. I really like the contrast between these two outfits. It outplays different aspects of my personality. The first one represents my sweet side, which all my friends know. The second one shows my tough girl side and the 'don't mess with me' attitude.
I like them both.

To start with the first one. It's a fun holiday outfit which is perfect for the summer of our parts of Europe.
I was inspired by France and Paris, my beloved city. I just can see myself strolling around the cosy streets on a sunday afternoon. Unfortunately Paris isn't where I live, but still I try to capture and channel it's spirit once in a while. Combined with the striped nautical top and a straw fedora hat for a finishing touch.

Our kitty always comes to check what we are up to when we take outfit pictures. She's just such a curious attention seeker.

I wore: COS top, Forever 21 jeans, H&M hat, Sac d'Anvers bag, Cypres brogues

I hope you like the first part of the red jeans outfit, let me know what u think and stay tuned for the second one!