Insomnia remedy- Philip Stein’s sleep watches

A week ago, I chanced upon a newspaper clipping on URBAN which had a short feature of Will Stein, who is the owner of Philip Stein, a renowned company which carries an extensive collection of watches. In the interview, Will Stein mentioned that he wears a watch which uses natural frequency technology to aid his sleep. I was intrigued by such a technology and decided to go find out more about it since I am in the pursuit for solutions to help people sleep better.  

In 2002, Philip Stein developed a watch which uses frequency-based technology incorporated into its luxurious watches. Within a year of the official launch, the company was overwhelmed by testimonials- better sleep, less tension, improved concentration and improved overall wellbeing. There was even an endorsement by media giant Oprah Winfrey who featured the watch on the show.

The interesting thing is that in 2009, Philip Stein commissioned NeuroTrials Research, an independent clinical trials organization, to conduct a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study. The results were positive and most people could sleep better. This page is where you can find the results of the clinical test.

It’s interesting how the natural frequency from the watch can resonate with the human’s electromagnetic field to help with sound restful sleep. Such findings have also raised skepticism among insomniacs who will baulk at the idea of spending a minimum of $1000 to own such watches.

In my opinion, such health related products should work to a certain extent if not people will not be won over by it. However, it may not work for everyone. An individual who is stressed and having sleep disorders should take note of other factors which are also equally as important.

Do you know anyone who wears watches of such technology? Leave a comment!

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