Effective Arthritis Treatment: Excercises to Treat Arthritis Naturally

Osteoarthritis causes immense pain and disability in the ageing population. Management of OA calls for a multi-disciplinary approach, comprising of medication, massage and exercising. Many years of research has demonstrated the astounding benefits of exercise for OA patients. Exercises are an integral part of the all-inclusive treatment of osteoarthritis.

OA is a degenerative
joint disorder
Effective Arthritis Relief: How Will Exercising Help?

Exercise promises to decrease pain, enhance mobility and function, diminish stiffness and discomfort, and avert disability. Exercising helps:

  • Strengthen Muscles: Correctly and suitably strengthened muscles helps reduce the unfavorable influence of weight bearing on the OA-afflicted joint; this is achieved by decreasing the degree of force that is passed on across the afflicted joint. Weak quadricepses are often seen in patients of OA. Research and clinical trials demonstrate that when patients strengthen the quadriceps muscles, noteworthy improvement is seen in pain and mobility compared to those people who do not strengthen the quadriceps. 
  • Excercises can be beneficial
    in management of Arthritis Pain
  • Improve Flexibility and Joint Mobility: Exercise helps increase the range of movement of the joint appreciably. When people do not use their muscles, they become weak, alter the shape and become shorter and restrict normal movement.
Arthritis Pain Relief with Exercise: Treating Arthritis Naturally

  • Enhance Aerobic Functioning: Osteoarthritis limits one’s activities because of pain and movement restrictions. This in turn causes diminished cardio-vascular fitness. Consequently, it is essential that patients having OA find means to sustain cardio-vascular fitness. Taking part in aerobic exercises like walking or cycling, decreases the pain linked to OA, especially Knee Pain
  • Achieve Weight Loss: Besides the benefits that exercise has on the local tissues, it also offers comprehensive and sweeping benefits on the entire body. Exercise is extremely important in those patients who are over-weight. When there is one pound increase in weight across the joint, the force increases by about two pounds. Thus, weight loss helps reduce the force across the joint. Attaining an ideal body weight lessens the probability of developing osteoarthritis, and helps decrease the discomfort in patients who have OA.
Benefits of Exercises for Management of Arthritis: Natural Arthritis Treatment

Exercise is a key aspect within the complete treatment plan of patients with OA. When correctly prescribed, exercise therapy is a safe and efficient way of allaying discomfort and pain, boosting joint mobility and function and improving the patient's quality of life. Though the use of NSAIDs can help reduce the pain, it is associated with several health implications.

The program ought to be customized for the specific patient, given that, all exercises are not recommended for all patients with OA. The regimen must focus on strength training, enhancing flexibility and improving the range of motion. It is very important that you consult your doctor before you embark or modify an exercise regimen, because creating a safe and successful exercise agenda needs considering several factors like: general medical condition, current fitness level and the type and severity of arthritis.