six smart tips to cure insomnia

Everyone needs to sleep because sleep is an important part to maintain the stability of the health of every person. Unfortunately, sleep for some people is not an easy thing to do. There is someone who is difficult to sleep, someone who often awake during sleep, or sleep only intermittently. A variety of sleep disorders is known as insomnia. Almost everyone has been having trouble sleeping. The reason there are many factors, including stress, pain in a particular place, or by drinking too much caffeine and alcohol.

six smart tips to cure insomnia
If only occasionally, insomnia does not cause problems, but if it happens repeatedly and in a long time, will cause serious problems. Insomnia can affect not only the energy levels and mood, but also general health. Sleep can increase endurance. Lack of sleep, not only lead to durability problems, but also impaired concentration. Impaired concentration can bring a fatal accident while driving or operating heavy machinery. To cure insomnia, you can try six smart tips to cure insomnia, such as the following:

Convenience is the number one
For matters of sleep, comfort is key. Make sure you wear bed still has a good and clean sheets and pillow awake. The music is soft as a bedtime may also help lead you to a natural sleep. Reduce noise that may disturb sleep, such as fan noise, doors, or other distracting sounds. Reduce drinking before bed, so it does not make a wake up to urinate.

Create a sleep schedule
Try to start falling asleep and waking at the same hour every day, including weekends. If you're used to sleeping at a certain hour, the same habits will also appear the next night. Also limit the time in bed. Too long in bed makes sleep is not healthy.

Avoid the urge to sleep
The harder you are to sleep, it makes you more awake. Reading magazines, books, or watching television can make you drowsy and then fell asleep. Warm water or a snack before bed may help you fall asleep.

Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine
Smoking, like alcohol and caffeine will disrupt your sleep quality. Tea, soda, and chocolate, including the list of foods that contain caffeine. In addition, some medications also contain substances that make the system more active body, so you will be hard to fall asleep.

Consider the food
Expand eat animal products, such as milk, cheese, meat, or fish. These foods contain tryptophan, which is a type of fatty acid that produces serotonin and relax the nerves to the brain centers.

Turn off lights
Do not forget to turn off the light. Lights will make the brain receives the message as a sign to stay awake. Also, remove your clock from view. Avoiding known to be effective at helping people fall asleep by 90 percent. When you wake up and see the clock, then your body undergoes a transition from sleep to wake up, consequently you will find it hard to fall asleep again.

If your insomnia is chronic pain, it just means you need professional handling. Visit your doctor in town to see if insomnia is rooted in the physical or mental illness. Good luck and wish you could be cured of insomnia.