Amazing ways to treat insomnia without medication

I was on the forum and I realized that many people have offered their own remedies to sleep better but some of them were quite strange.

Here's one.

"Try this. Go on a housecleaning frenzy." and " I read somewhere that reading humorous books help."

Maybe these strange ideas do work for some but it may not work for most.

Have you heard that you are what you eat?

In fact, there are some food that we eat that can help our minds to relax and help us to sleep better. What are these food?

  1. Melatonin, a hormone that helps with regulating sleep cycles. Kiwifruits are natural melatonin boosters and can be a post dinner snack that can help you with a better sleep at night. Melatonin can be bought from the pharmacists too but do be cautious of where you buy it from.                                     
  2. Magnesium is crucial to help the body to relax and de-stress however many people are deficient in magnesium. Food that are excellent sources of magnesium are spinach, kelp, broccoli, green beans, celery and green leafy vegetables.
  3. Tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the brain to produce serotonin which calms you down and aids in relaxation. Good sources of serotonin can be found in high protein food such as chicken, eggs, fish and beans. Milk also helps one to relax as it has tryptophan and carbohydrates.
  4. Green tea contains theanine which is an amino acid found in the Camilla sinensis plant which is where green tea comes from. L-theanine has been well researched and has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety and promote a restful sleep.
Try inputting these food in your diet and let me know whether it is working for you! 

P.S As much as possible, try not to eat heavy meals 2 hours before you sleep if not you will have even more difficulty sleeping!

I wish you a good night's sleep,