Home Remedies for Recurring Head Colds: Natural Treatment for Head Cold Symptoms

Common cold, also referred to as head colds, is a recurring condition, which is characterized by a host of distressing symptoms. On an average, estimates suggest that about 50% of the population in the United States suffers from head colds, especially towards the advent of winters. The condition is often associated with poor immunity, which in turn results in increased risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections and flu like symptoms. Here are some simple home based treatment options for management of Head Colds

Head cold is a term often used for common cold which is associated with pronounced symptoms in the head and the face regions. The condition is often caused due to common cold virus or influenza virus; however there are several other factors like allergies, pollution and stress that can aggravate the condition. This article is about simple and effective home remedies for the management of Head Colds.

Headcolds are very common
and annoying condition
Symptoms of Head Colds: Head Cold Symptom

Head cold as mentioned earlier has a typical flu like symptoms; however head colds slightly differ in presentation. The key symptoms associated with head colds include, 
  • Recurrent sneezing, with itching around the nose. This may often be accompanied with a blocked nose or a running nose, which mucoid discharge. In cases of Head Colds associated with upper respiratory tract infection, the discharge may be yellowish or greenish in color
  • Some patients may complain of sore throat, itchiness with hoarseness of voice, watering of the eyes and generalized fatigue and malaise
  • Headache with sensation of heaviness and fullness in the head may also be observed
  • Weakness with loss of appetite is also common.
Home Remedies for Head Colds: Head Colds Natural Cures

There are a host of home remedies that can not only reduce the intensity of the symptoms associated with head colds but also help in reducing the frequency of occurrence of these symptoms. These home remedies act as immune booster foods that enhance the defense mechanism of the body,
  • Limes and Lemons: Limes and lemons are considered to be the most effective treatment for head cold. Freshly squeezed juice of 1 lime or two lemons added to a glass of water, with one spoon of honey is most effective treatment for head colds. Lime and lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, which boost the immune system, while honey acts as a great source of energy and hastens the recovery process.
  • Garlic: Garlic flakes are considered to be the most potent anti- inflammatory foods, which also help fight infections. Add a couple of flakes of freshly squeezed garlic flakes to a hot tomato soup or corn soup. Alternatively chew one raw flake of garlic once a day to hasten recovery from head colds.
  • Eucalyptus Oil is ageold
    treatment for headcolds
  • Ginger: Ginger tea is an equally wonderful remedy for management of head colds. Ginger acts as an anti inflammatory agent and reduces swelling whilst also aiding in the process of mucous drainage. Grate ginger in a bowl of water and consume it twice a day as decoction, for couple of days.
  • Eucalyptus oil: This is a very important essential oil which plays a pertinent role in the management of head colds. Local application in the form of dab on the forehead or inhalation using steam can provided spontaneous relief, as it allows drainage of the mucus and also reduces muscular contracts of the head.
 What’s good For Recurring Head Colds? Recurring Head Cold Natural Cures

Always ensure that you are adequately hydrated at all times. Fluids allow the mucus to remain moist and make it easier to be cleared out. Avoid stimulants like alcohol and caffeine which have dehydrating action. Keep your head propped up during sleep, as it allows drainage of mucus and also makes breathing easier. Here are some addition tips for recurring head colds, 
  • Steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus oil helps clear the sinuses and hastens recovery
  • Cinnamon is also considered to relive inflammation and is effective when taken in combination with honey
  • Sage herb Tea is also effective in reducing inflammation of the throat and the nose and also acts as an effective disinfectant.